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    WiFi Cabinet Keypad eLock


    CompX and CompX eLock

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    Do-it-yourself, effortless installation can be done in as little as 12 minutes. Meets Joint Commission Requirements.

    Access Control Features

    • Easy installation on existing or new cabinets 3,000 user/supervisor codes
    • Four modes of access: Keypad, Proximity card* HID or iCLASS HID, Magstripe card* (Track 2) *Use existing identification cards
    • Motor-driven latching mechanism provides the convenience of automatic relocking
    • eLock is capable of operating two latches or doors
    • Operates on 6 AA alkaline batteries or dedicated power supply Low battery indicator
    • “Jump Start” 9-volt battery power port allows the user, with a valid credential, to access the CompX eLock when the batteries are exhausted
    • Programming can be done manually on userfriendly LCD blue backlit screen or through LockView software
    • Compatible with 12-volt electric door strikes to control access on interior doors
    • Optional door switch provides instant notification of unauthorized entry or door ajar alerts

    Network Features

    • Utilizes 802.11g wireless protocol or Ethernet communication on existing networks
    • Enables two-way communication via common security encryption methods: WEP 64-key, WEP 128-key, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES) and other enterprise-class wireless security

    This WiFi lock from CompX provides access control for your cabinets minus the network cables. Most PC software managed electronic cabinet locks require you to cable into the lock, or communicate in close proximity with a laptop to pull your audits, change user access rights, and set up your time schedules. eLock with WiFi removes these extra steps by allowing you to program from any of your network computers and devices.  Anywhere you can get on to send an email, you can access your eLock Lockview 4.0 software to do your lock programming — wirelessly!  Bringing keyless entry and wireless access control to your cabinets and drawers puts an end to keys being left in locks, cabinets being left open, access delays, and manual code changes.  You'll get a much higher level of protection, and because these are WiFi, you can extend this protection to locations where running cable isn't feasible, and cabinets you'd otherwise be unable to secure.  WiFi eLocks are available in keypad only, magstripe/keypadprox/keypad, and iClass prox. With the magstripe and prox reader units, your existing id cards can be directly programmed into the lock - no need to buy new cards.  The eLock Magstripe reads Track 2, the eLock Prox reads HID cards, and the iClass Prox reads iClass smart cards.  While it's rare stolen property ever gets recovered, it happens, but it's like catching lightning in a bottle.  You're better off taking your chances with eLock, and stopping a theft from occurring in the first place.


    Manufacturer CompX
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Remote Control, Scheduling
    Solution Electronic
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Surface Latch
    Brand CompX
    CompX eLock

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