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    Decorative Diffuser Panels


    Out with the old and in with the view. Easily replace your existing plain diffuser panels with soothing decorative designs. Available in a variety of designs to match any space.


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    • Durable decorative fluorescent light covers that replace existing light diffusers
    • Relaxing designs will create a more soothing atmosphere
    • They sooth and calm while eliminating harsh glare found with fluorescent lighting
    • Light covers measure 23 3/4 x 47 3/4 in.
    • Diffusers are created to work in 2 x 4 ft. fluorescent light frames
    • Can be trimmed with a standard utility knife to fit your existing light frame
    • Great for medical offices, hospitals, schools, conference rooms as well as many other applications

    Instantskylights decorative fluorescent light diffusers are designed with an outdoor environment in mind. Durable, colorful and designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. A great addition to offices, day care centers, schools, classrooms and anywhere you find fluorescent ceiling lighting fixtures.

    These decorative panels are beautiful translucent panels that replace your existing diffuser and reduce harsh glare.  Installation is easy and can be completed in a few minutes with minimal effort.

    Great for Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Retail stores, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, Schools and Home Use.

    “A lot of our kids can’t go outside and can’t even get out of bed, so it has a calming effect on them. It also gives them a sense of the outdoors, where they haven’t been able to go in a period of time.”  Lourdes Rosario, RN, ANM of Pediatric Special Care Unit Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital


    Manufacturer InstantSkyLights
    Theme Bogainvilla Flower, Fluffy Clouds, Hot Air Balloons, Jets, Kites, Palm, Snorkel

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 23 3/4 x 47 3/4 in.