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  • dormakaba 9300 BPA

    Emergency Exit Alarmed Panic Bar

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    • Stainless steel finish
    • 9 volt, industrial-grade battery concealed in the end cap assembly for easy replacement
    • Tamper-proof switch will activate the alarm if unauthorized removal of the battery is attempted
    • Option available for 12 or 24 volt direct power wiring
    • 1 yr. manufacturer warranty
    Retail stores, restaurants, schools, banks, Government agencies and many other businesses must provide a free egress at their exit doors to comply with life safety requirements. Typically a panic bar will suffice, but what do you do when you're concerned about theft through these doors?  You use an alarmed panic bar, and there isn't a higher quality unit than the Dorma 9300 BPA. Only in the event of a fire or legitimate emergency should anyone be exiting the door with your Dorma 9300 BPA installed.  When someone attempts an unauthorized exit, or tries to make a dash for the parking lot with your stuff, you'll know it by means of the alarm.  The 9300 BPA emergency exit bar contains a 102 decibel alarm, loud enough to bring immediate attention to the situation so a manager or security can get over there fast.  Alarm is contained inside the rail assembly and touchbar.  Alarm sounds continuously until it is reset by inserting and turning a key in the furnished lock cylinder. The exiting time is 10 seconds once the push pad is depressed, and is indicated by a flashing red LED on the touchbar.  After 10 seconds, a yellow LED in the touchbar will flash until manually reset by key to indicate an unauthorized exit even if the alarm has automatically reset.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Brand dormakaba

    Door requirements



    Door Size 33 - 36 in., 39 - 48 in.