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  • dormakaba E-Plex 2000 Series Code Setting Service

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    Services Available For

    • E-Plex 2000 Series
    • E-Plex 3000 Series
    • E-Plex 5000 Series

    How It Works

    • We will send you a programming log to fill out
    • We will configure the locks to your specifications
    • Then we will ship the locks to you
    • All of this is done in under 48 hours


    Quantity: Number of codes that you would like to have programs

    Once you have checked out, paid, and received confirmation of your order, we will send you a programming log.

    For a service fee, we will pre-set your new E-Plex 2000 Series lock credentials for you. When you have little patience for reading a manual, or would simply like your new electronic locks to arrive ready to use right out of the box, our personalized code setting service is hard to beat. Our goal is for you to get the most out of your new advanced electronic locking system, so that you can more profitably operate your business, and provide top-level protection for your employees and company assets.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Brand E-Plex

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