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  • Key Copy Service

    Includes 1 New Key

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    Make an extra copy

    There is no need to take your key to the local hardware store anymore. We offer professional service that is performed by authorized locksmiths.

    How It Works

    • Order a lock from our website
    • We make a duplicate key and ship it with your order

    What You Get

    • 1 additional key that works with the lock that you ordered or already own


    • Quantity: Number of new keys

    We can also copy keys that you already have. Purchase this service, then contact us with your key information.

    Keying services can take 24-48 hours to complete and ship.

    Instantly save time with key copying from GoKeyless. Our technicians use state-of-the-art key cutting equipment to provide you a precise key copy. Now you can distribute an extra key out and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have another backup. Fast turnaround too.


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