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    Iris ID


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    • Up to 128 iCAM readers
    • User populations from 1-100,000 and more. Please contact us for installations over 10,000 users
    • iData™ IrisAccess® EAC software has a fully automatic image and template quality process
    • Ensures that only good iris templates are enrolled and encrypted in the system
    • iDentityCheck™ makes it virtually impossible to have a duplicate iris record entry in the system providing unparalleled accuracy
    • Security measures and features include encryption of user data, credentials, counter measures and tamper alarms that meet the highest requirements
    • Support for virtually any type of Card – PROX, iClass, MiFare, DESFire, PIV, CIV, etc.
    • PentiumIV 1.6GHz or higher processor required

    Entry Access Control (EAC) software, part of the iData software suite for access control, combines with Iris ID's iris recognition devices to form a unique, highly accurate, and non-contact identification biometric solution. After your iCAM unit is powered and online, simply open the EAC application, and begin the setup process for enrollment. EAC software does the rest, incorporating all of the aspects of reporting and tracking you would expect from a company with the world's leading iris recognition platform. During the enrollment process, individuals will have their iris pictured, and then converted to a 512-byte digital template for storage, and future matching. Proximity sensors on the iCAM device activate the iris camera when the subject nears the operational range of the unit. A mirror-assisted, audio-prompted interface ensures an intuitive experience for the individual not just during the enrollment process, but also each time they will use the reader for access in the future. Users won't need to worry about where to position their eyes, once they've been through enrollment. Transactions are easily downloaded by a system administrator using the EAC reporting feature.


    Manufacturer Iris ID
    Ethernet 10/100Mbps Full Duplex
    Memory 1GB minimum
    Operating System Microsoft Windows
    Storage 10 GB or Higher
    Brand Iris ID

    Door requirements


    Users 2,500, 5,000, 500