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  • IrisAccess iCAM7010-U1

    Iris Recognition Access Control System

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    Iris ID

    Features Smart Card Reader

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    • Convenient “non-contact” IrisAccess Solution
    • Fast Fully Automatic Dual Iris Capture
    • Easy to Use, Accurate, Secure, and Non-intrusive, User Interface
    • Integrated High Resolution Face Capture Camera
    • Built-in Smart Card Reader; HID iCLASS, MiFare, DESFire, and all 13.56 Mhz cards
    • Leverage Existing Infrastructure
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance
    • Backwards Compatible
    • Remote Device Management
    • Stand-alone Door Access Capability
    • Time & Attendance Ready (iCAM7100 series only)
    • Flush or Recess Mounting
    • Largest 1:N Template Capacity in the Industry
    • Transaction and History Report


    • Dimensions (WxHxD):  7.01″ x 8.31″ x 2.52″
    • Weight:  3.3lbs
    • Power Input / Consumption:  12~24 VDC, 2.0 Amps @ 12 VDC / 24W
    • Status LED:  Multi Color – Red, Green, Blue for status and alarm indication
    • Iris Operating Range Indicator:  Dual Color – Orange (out of range), Green (in range)
    • Voice Indication:  English standard, others available by download
    • Iris Capture Range:  12″~ 14″
    • Flash:  High output flash for face capture
    • Face Image Camera:  Face camera CMOS – 5MP
    • Transaction Log Capacity:  Up to 1,000,000 transactions stored on device, unlimited on server
    • Relays x 2 (door, other):  Control for all electric locking mechanisms and auxiliary relay for user defined operation
    • External Media Device Connectivity:  Secure user accessible USB port
    • Operating Temperature:  32°F – 113°F (0°C – 45°C)
    • Storage Temperature:  -4°F – 203°F (-20°C – 90°)
    • Humidity:  Up to 90% non-condensing
    • Iris & Face Camera Rotation Angle:  +35°/-25°
    • Communications:  Ethernet (LAN, WAN), RS422, RS232
    • Inputs / Outputs:  Proximity Card Reader (Wiegand In), Embedded Smart Card Reader, Wiegand In, Wiegand Out, Dry Contact Relay x 2, Programmable GPIO x 4
    • Equipment Supplied with iCAM7010-U:  Instruction Manual – Quick Start Guide

    GoKeyless is a trained and authorized Iris ID dealer. Sales, service, and support. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.

    High stakes require high security. Once enrolled, the IrisAccess iCAM7010-U1 gives clearance to individuals who present an exact match of their eyes to the reader. This is the highest security available for a physical access control system on the planet.  This is because ours, yours, and everyone's eyes are unique. In fact, it's estimated the chances of two people having identical iris is 1 in 10 to the 78th power.  While other identity convention devices using iris recognition are nothing more than a sophisticated looking toy, the IrisAccess system uses technology originally licensed by LG.  It was the best when it was LG Iris, and it's even better now with the new design features that add speed, and make the enrollment process more intuitive.  Iris ID is no miss, and all hit, and will ensure what you are designing, protecting, transporting, controlling, or storing is accomplished easily, and at the highest levels of security known to man.  Embraced initially only by governments and companies where cost was no object, Iris ID today is in its fourth generation, and  is gaining ground quickly as a first choice option for applications that extend well beyond border crossings, underground vaults, international airports, and nuclear reactor sites.  Service companies, to more traditional commercial type businesses, including healthcare and banking where a premium is placed on security, are adopting iris recognition at a fast rate.  Any company can use Iris ID, and facilities with a wiegand proximity or smart card system are ideally suited because of the ability to integrate, and create a multi-factor authentication system.  There are no cards to lose, loan out, or misuse, compromising security, and no hands to wash, or gloves to remove as required with fingerprint readers.  You can even keep your goggles on. Iris ID is totally non-invasive, doing nothing more than taking a picture of the iris.  There are no lasers, nor bright lights, a misunderstood, and unwarranted criticism that has dogged these devices.  Iris ID cannot harm your eye in any way.  You may have been waiting for a game changing access control system to come along, Iris ID is it. 

    Positive Identification - After 12 months of age, the iris pattern is stable and does not change through a person's life. The iris pattern is unique - although the left and right iris are different. 

    Convenient, Intuitive User Interface - Using the technology is an almost intuitive experience, requiring relatively little cooperation from subjects. Proximity sensors activate the equipment, which incorporates mirror-assisted alignment functionality. Audio auto-positioning prompts, automated image capture, and visual and audio authentication decision-cuing completes the process. 

    Most Accurate - The probability of two individuals having the same iris pattern is 1 in 10 to the 78th power.  The most accurate biometric technology commercially available as of today. Statistical probability of iris achieving a false accept is 1 in 1.2 million at 0.325 HD threshold. Iris ID examines more than 240 of the 400 measurable variables (degrees of freedom) in the human eye. 

    Easy to Use - Just take a look from a distance of 12-14 inches (31-15cm) for recognition. Correct recognition is possible even when wearing sunglasses or contact lens. The Iris Reader can even be mounted behind glass. 

    Simple System Configuration - Compatible with virtually any Card based access control system via a standard Wiegand output. iCAM7010-U1 may be used for stand-alone access control, as a replacement for Wiegand card readers, or mounted next to a prox card reader for two-factor authentication.  Where two-factor authentication is desired using smart cards, there is no need to mount a secondary smart card reader next to the iris unit, as the built-in reader/writer is compatible with HID iCLASS, MiFare, DESFire, and all 13.56 Mhz cards. Ideal for Time and Attendance also (iCAM7100 only). 

    PC Software Managed - Unit comes packed with iCAM Entry Software.  Enterprise IrisAccess iData EAC software available and becomes the workhorse of the iCAM7000.  More than three readers on the system, you should use the enterprise software configuration.  iData is a simple and flexible administrative UI for enrollment, setup, and reporting. 

    Rapid Speed of Throughput - Iris recognition is especially powerful in a large scale environment such as airport or border crossing where high throughput is needed (1:N recognition among 1 million person database is less than 2 seconds). 

    Non-Invasive - Iris recognition is non-contact and non-invasive which means it is safe from any harmful contamination among people. 

    Highly Scalable - It's highly scalable from mid/small size office environment to large scale enterprise systems or ultra large scale national ID project. 

    Countermeasure - Iris ID becomes higher standard of biometric security solution. IrisAccess has perfect countermeasure solution for filtering photo, video or fake eye intrusion. 

    Performance Data - Richness of iris results in degrees of freedom (data points) than any other biometrics (except DNA).


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