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  • FJM KeyGuard SL-9122U Ultra

    Combination Key Cabinet with 122 Hooks

    SKU: SL-9122U


    Features manager key-override and secured with Combi-Cam lock; 1,000 possible combinations.

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    • No need to use keys to manage keys!
    • 122 high capacity steel key hooks.  Available in 48 hooks
    • Reliable 4-dial combination security.  Available in 3-dial
    • 10,000 possible combinations
    • Change code in seconds
    • Heavy guage steel key cabinet
    • Continuous “piano” hinge for opening/closing reliability
    • Color coded key tags provided; Red, Yellow, Black and Blue
    • Mounting hardware supplied
    • 1 year limited warranty


    • Four Dial Combination Lock – The Combi-Cam Ultra four-dial combination lock has 10,000 possible codes – Die cast metal construction and no plastic parts to crack or break – Easy to Use; Set combination in 3 easy steps – User friendly; Easy to read dials and open and close indicators – Managerial key for code discovery, resetting combo, and dual access
    • Construction – Heavy gauge steel cabinet, hinge and key hooks – All metal combination lock – Continuous “piano” style hinge – High capacity key hooks support keys by the key ring or with the included write-on key tags
    • Capacity – SL-9122U has 122 key hooks – Each hook can accommodate multiple key rings – Keys may be hung by the included key tags or by a key ring – Internal leaf for extra key storage without compromising the low profile design
    • Dimensions (Note: The Combi-Cam lock accounts for 5/8” of the total depth listed below) – 122 Hook Capacity (SL-9122U):  Height: 14-1/8”; Width: 10-1/2”; Depth: 4-1/8”

    Where to put the key for the key cabinet is a decision we don't wish on anybody. Being the person in charge of carrying around this key is no picnic neither. These keys go missing, and make for a lot of 'uh-oh' moments. While breaking open a key cabinet might not be end of the world, you'll have to replace it. It's why your next key cabinet purchase needs to be the KeyGuard SL-9122U. It's keyless, made from high gauge steel, includes 122 hooks, color coded key tags, mounting hardware, and manager key over-ride. This is the last key cabinet you'll need, and it couldn't be any easier to install and organize. Keys which inevitably get lost from a desk drawer, wall hook, shelf, or office cupboard, can now be secured, managed, and accounted for inside the KeyGuard ultra combination key cabinet. There's no good reason not to upgrade. When doing it the old way, not only are you on the hook for the main key if you lose it, but now every key in the cabinet. Frustration can quickly turn to panic when these keys are needed for an emergency vehicle, tenant's unit, evidence locker, weapons room, guardhouse, building safe, or any other critical area of a facility. Until more buildings are outfitted with keyless door locks, keys are not completely going away anytime soon (although we are doing what we can to speed this up!). For the keys you're still forced to manage, a quality combination key cabinet is the way to go. You won't worry about the main cabinet key getting lost, or worse, stolen. If that key ends up in the wrong person's hands, it will make your last liability issue seem like a walk in the park. For the money-conscious, the KeyGuard key cabinet saves you some chips too. A reliable locking key cabinet you can open by code, doesn't just mean you always know where the keys are, it means less keys disappear, less new keys have to be made and paid for, and less locks have to be replaced or re-keyed. SL-9122U equipped with managerial key. This key allows the manager sole access with the key, while giving combination out to employees. Manager can change combination at any time, use the key to discover the current code, and have dual access flexibility. Managerial key uses a high security tubular key way.


    Manufacturer FJM Security Products
    Brand KeyGuard

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 14 1/8 (H) x 10 1/2 (W) x 4 1/8 (D) in.
    Weight 18 lbs