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  • KeyinCloud Cloud-based Access Management Platform

    12 Month Software License

    SKU: KIC-SLA12

    KeyinCloud and KeyinCode

    Simplify security with the cloud. Manage users and locks, schedule time-specific access periods, engage lockdown, view audit history and more through the robust KeyinCloud access management platform. Connect, control, and manage property locks, devices and services together in one simplified location. Enhanced Vera support provides convenient and secure third party integrations.

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    • Cloud-based access control and management platform
    • Mobile friendly apps available for iOS and Android
    • Unlimited access users, guests, guest duration and account members
    • 365 day history including events, notifications and admin logs
    • Remote lock and user management
    • Health notifications including battery level and WiFi
    • Access notifications
    • Guest communications through email and text
    • Automation via API/partner integrations
    • Custom admin roles
    • Access and device schedules
    • Partner lock integrations
    • Group management
    • Access user/guest location mass assigning

    Vera Support

    • View and manage all access users across all your locks in a single view
    • Grant or revoke access to multiple locks in a single step instead of one lock at a time
    • Create time limited codes that no longer work after expiration
    • Create weekly schedules in order to limit employee access to specific times of the week (ex: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)
    • Set up alerts for specific events including low battery warnings and unlocks
    • Control any door and common door functionality
    • Allow employees to administer specific locations and locks or allow tenants to control their single lock
    • Automate your access control by integrating with Airbnb, HomeAway or other partners
    • Filter access logs across all your locks, view administrator logs and export reports
    • Compatible with a wide variety of locks from popular brands including Yale, August, Schlage, Kwikset and more

    For more information about how the KeyinCloud platform can work for you and your property, please contact our commercial sales specialists at 937-247-9327

    No more wasting time on costly lockouts and lost keys. Managing your locks has never been easier thanks to KeyinCloud Cloud-based access control and management platform, which allows admins to create and manage an unlimited amount of users and their access rights as well as customize lock functions with their phone or PC anywhere they’re connected to WiFi. View audit trails, reports, edit device groups, view device battery life and much more through KeyinCloud.


    Manufacturer KeyinCloud
    Smartphone Compatibility Android 4.3 or later, iOS 9 or later
    Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer
    Brand KeyinCloud

    Door requirements


    Code Length 4 to 10 Digits
    Code Capacity 3,500
    Users Unlimited with Software
    Wireless Protocol WiFi


    "<div class=""av-special-heading av-special-heading-h3 blockquote modern-quote avia-builder-el-13 el_before_av_textblock avia-builder-el-first av-thin-font ""><img class=""aligncenter size-medium wp-image-208326"" src=""https://www.gokeyless.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/keyincloud-300x89.png"" alt="""" width=""300"" height=""89"" /></div>
    <strong>KeyinCloud offers a Cloud Based Access Control Platform (ACaaS) eliminating the need for local PC’s, Panels, Wiring, or Software.</strong>
    <h6><strong>Use Your Existing WiFi Network</strong></h6>
    KeyinCloud enabled locks directly connect to existing WiFi infrastructure or we can connect to a variety of 3rd Party Locks via Z-Wave Gateways.
    <h6><strong>Everything in One Dashboard</strong></h6>
    KeyinCloud’s centralized, easy to use dashboard puts everything in one place. Manage all your properties, doors and users from anywhere via our App or Mobile Web Portal.
    <h6><strong>Centralized Access Management</strong></h6>
    Manage access for employees, guests and vendors across multiple locations and partition the management of our solution all the way down to a single door/tenant.
    <h6><strong>Notifications and History</strong></h6>
    Always know who’s coming and going with email and text notifications along with a complete audit trail of events all searchable based on detailed criteria.
    <h6><strong>No Lost Keys, No Rekeying</strong></h6>
    Remove the hassle of rekeying doors and handing off keys to employees and guests.
    <h6><strong>Scales with Your Business</strong></h6>
    KeyinCloud software scales with your needs, whether you are managing a small business or a large enterprise.
    <h6><strong>Managed Access for Every Door</strong></h6>
    Leveraging existing WiFi allows us to provide managed access to doors that may be cost prohibitive to a hard-wired Access System.
    <h6><strong>3rd Party Integration - Open API &amp; Webhooks</strong></h6>
    Robust and comprehensive API allows for 3rd party integrations, including Mercury Security, Vera and August Lock along and more.

    For more information about how the <a href=""https://www.gokeyless.com/product/keyincloud-service/"">KeyinCloud platform</a> can work for you and your property, please contact our commercial sales specialists at <strong>937-247-9327</strong>"