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    Heavy Duty Numeric Keypad w/ Braille Keys

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    • Indoor/Outdoor keypad ideal for harsh settings
    • One-piece housing for surface-mounting to wall, post, or gooseneck.  Housing design also allows mounting to single-gang electrical box
    • 120 Users
    • Key press feedback via sounder and yellow LED
    • Built-in assignable sounder
    • Bi-color Red/Green LED indicates relay status
    • Non-volatile memory retains codes even if power is lost
    • 1-6 digit codes – digits can be repeated
    • Door relocks automatically
    • Two lever User Management
    • Durable metal Braille alpha-numeric keys
    • 4 on board programmable timed relays (Separate code for example to shunt an alarm, sound a siren/horn in another part of the building, or activate a handicap ramp for example)
    • Tamper loop functionality mode
    • Master Code must be entered to change user codes
    • Can program door to remain in unlocked position
    • Easy to program at the keypad
    • Functionality: Main relay controls any device requiring on/off switch — such as electric strike, or maglock. Request to exit input trigger
    • Accepts 10-30 Volts DC; 12-24 Volts AC – auto adjusting
    • Well written and easy to understand installation and programming instructions included
    • Optional printer interface


    • Current draw: 108 mA maximum (add 30 mA for each additional relay)
    • Operation voltage: 12-24 VAC/VDC – auto adjusting
    • Dimensions:
    • Temperature tolerance: -20F to 130F


    • Linear IEI warrants its products for two (2) years after the shipping date to be free from defects in material and workmanship, when they have been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and have not been modified or tampered with

    Durable, very tough, and designed for use in harsh conditions or rough climate, the Linear IEI 212SE sealed environment keypad is a good solution for the intentional restriction of access of a door, space, gate, service, or barrier.  Instead of issuing keys or cards, you can provide staff, managers, and anyone requiring daily or temporary access a number sequence they can use for punching in on the keypad.  When their code matches a pre-programmed PIN, the keypad will relay a device with an on/off switch such as an electric strike or maglock to allow access.  Your IEI 212SE keypad also includes 4 on -board secondary relays, for user controlled operation of anything with an on/off switch, or to activate a siren.  Throughout the world, Linear IEI electronic keypads number in the thousands.  Companies and facilities rely on the second to none engineering, and capabilities of these keypads to offer protection of assets, reduce keys, and increase security, convenience, and efficiency.


    Manufacturer Nortek Security & Control
    Reader Type Keypad
    Brand Linear

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 3 (W) x 4.50 (H) x 1.55 (D) in.