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  • PDQ XGT 176 Spirit

    Extreme Heavy Duty Grade 1 Privacy Lock

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    • ANSI Grade 1 Extremely Heavy Duty cylindrical door lock
    • Exceeds 3,000 in lbs. of torque resistance
    • Privacy Function (F76) — Latchbolt operated by lever from either side, or emergency release in outside lever, outside lever locked by push button on inside, outside lever unlocked by emergency release from outside, rotating inside lever, or closing door
    • High Strength stainless steel investment cast spindle.  Heavy gauge steel mounting plates.
    • Backset:  2-3/4″
    • Handing:  Field Reversible
    • Door Situation:  Fits left, right wood/metal swing doors
    • Lever Style — Philadelphia. Miami & Boston designs available upon request
    • Architectural Finish
    • Non-Cylinder, Non-Keyed

    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized PDQ dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.

    At the core of any grade 1 lock buying decision, beyond what/who you are protecting, is durability, and cost. Many times you must sacrifice durability for cost, or vice versa.  Not so with ANSI grade 1 locks by PDQ.  US made, this line of grade 1 door locks gives you the best in security, durability, and cost.  The XGT Spirit is the extremely heavy duty model, able to withstand over 3,000 in. lbs. of torque resistance on its lever trim.  This is simply unheard of for grade 1 cylindrical door locks, just ask any locksmith or trade professional in this industry.  PDQ has also solved the lever issue.  Up to now, manufacturers have touted their break away clutch levers as the end all be all way to head off damage to the lock.  Typically an attack on a lock is from applying physical leverage on the handle.  The problem with this, is many of the clutch designed door locks rotate to an angle which actually increases the ability to apply force, snapping off the trim and busting the latch which makes the lock inoperable.  PDQ's grade 1 door locks feature an industry leading chassis, spindle, and trim design which cannot be matched.  The lever on the XGT doesn't budge or sag when locked, and should anyone attempt to compromise this lock by forcing the lever, they would need in excess of 3000 in. lbs to move it.  In a challenging, or abusive door setting, you can run through several replacements of locks in a month, sometimes a week.  This is unnecessary, costly, and can be prevented by choosing the PDQ ANSI grade 1 XGT.  When someone goes to the door to grab this lock's handle, they will know 100% the door is locked, and because of the genius in engineering, the lever only needs to be rotated a mere 41° for full retraction of the latch.  Again, totally unheard of. 

    Independent testing confirms 3000 in. lbs. of torque resistance. Additionally, XGT tests to more than 4 Million cycles (more than 5 times the BHMA Grade 1 requirement) with virtually no lever sag.

    Download XGT Series Spec Sheet


    Manufacturer PDQ
    Finish Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Bright Brass, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze, Bright Chrome
    Function Privacy
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Locking Device Cylindrical Latch
    Brand PDQ

    Door requirements

    Door Prep Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore