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  • The Quiet Guardian

    Hotel Door Swing Bar

    SKU: QG Matte

    The Quiet Guardian

    Do not disturb. The Quiet Guardian swing bar prevents slamming of your hotel guest room doors. Rubber pads dampen the force of the door closing, reducing noise and wear on the door. Now you can go after those late night snack runs or ice bucket refills without bothering guests or other guests bothering you.


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    • Hotel door swing bar
    • For single interior swing doors
    • Eliminates metal on metal banging when door is closing
    • Reduce wear and tear on doors and frames
    • Reduce maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls, doors and door frames
    • Durable silicon rubber and stainless-steel construction
    • Mount on interior side, opposite of hinge
    • Includes latch, catch, screws, and drill bit
    • 3.75 in. recommended minimum wall clearance

    We all know that familiar hotel sound, the “ka-chunk” of guest room doors slamming. That bothersome sound that wakes guests when someone ventures out for a late night snack run or trip to the ice machine. Well, no more! The Quiet Guardian swing bar prevents the full close slamming of guest room doors. Unlike traditional swing bars, the Quiet Guardian is equipped with durable rubber pads. These simple pads not only dampen the noise from the door hitting the swing bar, but also reduces the impact and wear on the door and frame. No metal-on-metal clanging improves guest experience and the reduced damage to door hardware saves on maintenance costs. It’s a win for property owners and guests alike. Now when guests pop out to the breakfast buffet or housekeeping works on a room, they just flip the swing bar and the door will quietly close without bothering other guests.


    Manufacturer Quiet Lock Corporation
    Finish Matte Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel
    Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer
    Brand The Quiet Guardian

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 2.63 (H) x 4.39 (W) x 1.67 (D) in.
    Weight 14.1 oz