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    8K Memory Keycards

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    • Capacity for programming up to 125 locks/rooms per card.  Note:  Since the keycard also does logging of key uses, the more variable locks on a keycard the less storage there is for key use logging
    • Call 937-247-9327 for custom designed keycard pricing/information
    This product requires additional verification before shipping. Please contact us immediately after you place an order. Call (937) 890-2333 M-F 9a-5p EST An upgrade from the standard Saflok magstripe keycard, the Saflok hotel/motel memory keycard comes equipped with a memory chip for storing data.  Memory chip cards are popular because of their ability to program many locks/rooms from one keycard, track card usage from employees, and capture the audit trail information from the lock, making the LPI Lock Interrogator device unnecessary.  Saflok 8K memory keycards are used by guests, management, housekeeping, security, and any other individuals or groups to request access in and around your property.  Each keycard acts as a messenger to the lock, carrying commands and information to tell the lock how to function.  When a keycard is inserted into the lock, it provides the lock with updated code information, rendering previously issued keycard invalid.  Users may only enter designated areas where the keycard has been encoded to work, which you will establish using the Saflok System 6000 front desk management software and insertion encoder.  Keycards are encrypted using a proprietary method to prevent cloning.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Brand Saflok

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