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    Magnetic Stripe Card, Encoded, Track 2 & 3

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    • Magstripe card, Schlage logo, slot punched, encoded, tracks 2 & 3

    The Schlage MAG2 magstripe card functions as a credential for providing access to spaces within your facility.  A decades proven technology, magnetic stripe cards perform best in a low-security, clean environment where traffic through the door is kept to a minimum, and interference from strong magnetic fields is not a concern (i.e. checkout counters).  Settings with a high amount of circulating dust/dirt tend to diminish the ability the electromechanical magstripe reader to operate properly.  For higher security applications, or more industrial settings, we recommend a prox card/fob, as these allow for a unique id number, and are more ruggedized to serve a host of environmental conditions. Proximity credentials when presented to their acquiring device are fully contactless.


    Manufacturer Allegion
    Brand Schlage

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