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  • Schlage MTK

    Modular Reader

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    Multi-Technology Reader + Keypad Reader, Proximity and Smart Card

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    • 12 button, 3x4 matrix backlit keypad
    • Frequency: 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart card
    • ISO Standards, 15693, and ISO 14443
    • Maximum Read Range: Up to 1.25” on 125 kHz proximity, up to 0.75” on 13.56 MHz smart card
    • Custom finishes, bright brass (605), aged bronze (643e), satin brass (606), satin bronze (612), satin nickel (619), bright chrome (625), and satin chrome anti-microbial (626AM) available for special order


    • 125 kHz compatibility: Schlage, XceedID, HID, GE/CASI ProxLite, and AWID
    • 13.56 MHz compatibility (secure sector): Schlage, XceedID, MIFARE smart cards using MIFARE DESFire EV1, PIV and PIV-I†
    • 13.56 MHz compatibility (serial number only): HID iCLASS, Inside PicoTag, XceedID ISO-X, Infineon my-d, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments Tag-itSM
    • 125 kHz Compatible Schlage Credentials — 125 kHz Clamshell (SXF7410), 125 kHz ISO Card (SXF7510), 125 kHz ISO Card w/Magnetic Stripe (SXF7510MS)
    • 13.56 MHz Compatible Schlage Credentials — 13.56 MHz MIFARE Clamshell (SXF9420), 13.56 MHz MIFARE ISO Printable (SXF9520, SXF9551, SXF9558), 13.56 MHz MIFARE Key Tag (SXF9651), 13.56 MHz MIFARE PVC Patch (SXF9751), Schlage smart cards using MIFARE DESFire EV1 (SXF9000 Series)

    75 bit output format default. Configurable to other output formats. Check with access control provider for specific support.

    * Smart Card functionality dependant on access control software. Schlage SMS Select, Premier and Enterprise (not Express) offer smart card functionality.


    • FCC, RSS210, UL 294, Listed, ISO Standard 15693, and ISO Standard 14443
    Schlage MTK multi-technology + keypad (proximity and smart card) reader option for use on Schlage AD Series locksets, excluding Schlage AD-250 models. This modular prox and smart card reader with keypad attaches to the AD Series lock above the handle, and may be swapped out for any one of the Schlage AD series readers as your credential needs evolve.


    Manufacturer XceedID Corporation

    Door requirements