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    Schlage PS904

    4 Amp 12/24 VDC Power Supply

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    • 4A @ 12/24 VDC output, field selectable with jumper
    • Class 2 Rated power limited output
    • Universal 120 -240 VAC input
    • Low voltage DC, regulated and filtered
    • Two polarized connectors for distribution boards
    • Fused primary input
    • AC input and DC output monitoring circuit w/ LED indicators
    • Cover mounted AC input indication
    • NEMA 1 enclosure
    • Hinged cover w/ lock down screws
    • High voltage protective cover


    NOTE:  PS904 power supplies require connection to AC line voltage. Installation and all electrical connections (high and low voltage) should be performed by a qualified electrical contractor.

    Wire Gauge Selection Guide

    Capable of sourcing 4 Amps at 12/24 VDC, the Schlage PS904 power supply delivers exceptionally stable current for efficient operation of your access control hardware.  Offered in a base model, and base plus battery backup model, the Schlage PS904 is also customizable using option boards to meet your access control projects specific requirements.  The Schlage PS904 and PS904 BBK is the recommended power source for your Schlage CT-5000 offline controller, and peripherals, including your electric lock, request-to-exit switch, and reader.  Base model includes only one DC output, and is rarely ordered by itself.  We suggest ordering the PS904 8F which provides you an option board for additional distribution to 8 devices, or PS904 8F BBK, which provides the same as the PS904 8F and comes with the battery backup kit.


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