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  • SDC 474D

    Touchless Wave-to-Exit Switch

    SKU: 474DU


    For sanitary entry/exit applications.

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    • Uses IR Sensor technology; device is active with the simple wave of a hand
    • Designed to control electric locks/strikesmagnetic locks, or automatic door operators
    • Ideal for use in sanitary applications such as cleanrooms, bathrooms, food processing, hospitals and labs
    • Sensing Range up to 5″ (12.7cm)
    • Mounted on a durable stainless steel plate
    • Dual LED, illuminated sensor, Red/Green indicates Inactive/Active status
    • Quick connect screwless terminal block for easy installation


    • Input: 25mA (standby); 55mA (Active) @ 12/24VDC
    • Output: 2-SPDT, 3 Amp Dry Contact
    • Activation Time:  1 second or as long as sensor is triggered
    • LED Color:  Standby RED; Active Green
    • Range:  5″ (12.7cm)
    • Weight:  3 oz. (85g)


    Get ready to feel like you're on one of network television's hit crime dramas when you pass by and use this new exit switch by SDC. Scientists, investigators, research assistants, lab techs, hospital staff, and anyone who works in a controlled environment that is used to scrubbing away the germs from touching an exit switch will appreciate this innovative new technology. To operate the 474D touchless switch, all one has to do is wave their hand in front of the 'No Touch' button. This will change the contact status on the electric lock, or automatic door opener, making the LED indication light green, which indicates it is safe to enter, or exit.

    IMPORTANTActivation time is fixed at 1 second, and therefore the 474DU is most commonly used in conjunction with an automatic door operator (no need to contaminate door or door handle), or an access control system with logic that allows you to set the door unlock time at 30 seconds.


    Manufacturer Security Door Controls
    Brand SDC

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.375 in. (115 x 70 x 35mm)