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    Digital Indoor Keypad

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    SDC EntryCheck

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    • 500 users, 1-6 digit PIN codes
    • 4 outputs, 2 relay and 2 solid state outputs timed or latching (on/off)
    • Assign entry PINs to relays 1 and/or 2
    • LED status: Access, lockout
    • Tactile keys with selectable audible volume for key depression or output activation
    • Timed anti-passback
    • Request-to-Exit-Enter input


    • Outputs: Relay 1 – SPDT 5 Amps @30VDC, Relay 2 – SPDT 2 Amps @30VDC, Switch to Common Outputs 3 and 4 – 100mA @30VDC
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Humidity: 5 to 95 percent non-condensing

    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized Security Door Controls dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.

    The SDC 918 EntryCheck is a stand alone digital keypad designed to control access of a single entry point for facilities with up to 500 users. Each user is assigned a personal identification number (PIN). Keypad entry of a valid one to six digit code activates one or both of the output relays which releases an electric door lock. The EntryCheck series includes a Door Sense/ Inhibit Input feature. When programmed for "Door Sense", a door position switch wired into the input and detects a "forced entry" or "door ajar" condition. When programmed for "Inhibit Input", a maintained switch or automatic timer wired into the input will disable the activation of the main relay. The EntryCheck also has a Request-to-Exit input for connection to an exit switch and/or fire access key switch for fire/emergency access. When access is granted, the shunt option is activated shunting alarm contacts on the door or gate. This prevents triggering of an alarm during authorized access.


    Manufacturer Security Door Controls
    Voltage 12/24V AC/DC
    Reader Type Keypad
    Brand SDC EntryCheck

    Door requirements


    Code Length 1 to 6 Digits
    Users 500


    Dimensions 4 3/4 (H) x 3 (W) x 1 1/2 (L) in.