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    Narrow Stile Emergency Exit Button

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    Switchable green, and red lenses.

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    • 1″ x 3/4″ Rectangle Emergency Exit Button
    • Offers additional safety, as required by code, for possible malfunction of motion exit sensor
    • Mounted next to door
    • Momentarily pressing the button releases the door for 30 seconds
    • Retriggerable
    • Single gang or narrow stile
    • SPST 3 Amp wet N/C contacts
    • Operates on 12 or 24VDC (must be same voltage as the installed lock). Power supplies available at checkout
    • Door Applications:  Indoor use only


    • Underwriter’s Laboratories: File BP7041 (UL 294) — SAFETY NOTICE; Securitron’s UL294 certification indicates that when the EEB is used with the XMS Motion Sensor, it meets the NFPA Life Safety Code 101 requirements for exit of access controlled egress doors
    • California State Fire Marshal: 3774-0923:104
    The Securitron EEB3N emergency exit push button acts as a redundant safety switch at an electrified, narrow stile opening.  Should the motion exit sensor malfunction and not detect a person approaching the door, the Securiton EEB3N exit button provides the necessary second level backup to allow for safe exiting.  Upon pressing the push button, the EEB3N will relay to your maglock, or other electrified locking device and interrupt its power for 30 seconds, allowing ample time for egress.  With interchangeable lenses, including an ADA lense, more electricians, fire marshalls, and security installers now pick the Securitron EEB3N over competing push buttons.  When you consider the flexibility to change the lens to adapt to aesthetics and traffic needs, the decision becomes easy.


    Manufacturer Securitron

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