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    Keyless Cabinet Lock

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    • In-and-out access control of cam lock cabinet doors and drawers
    • Retrofits Existing Cam Locks
    • Flexible Mounting; horizontal or vertical, cam position may be left, right, or down
    • LED red & blue keypad indicators
    • Concealed Key-Override, 2 emergency keys supplied
    • Programmable Unlock Time:  1-9 seconds (factory default is 3 sec.)
    • Tamper Lockout:  Keypad rendered inoperable for 10 seconds after 3 incorrect code entries
    • Programming Levels:  Master, Sub-Master, User
    • Two Programming Modes:  Multiple user, 1-time use
    • Battery Powered:  2 AAA (included), 15,000 operations
    • Emergency 9V Backup:  Battery failure override, simply apply 9V to external contacts and enter master code
    SDCWhile the irony of using a new keyless cabinet lock on a key control cabinet is obvious, it couldn't be a more clear indication of why keyless cabinet locks are here to stay.  Keys can simply not be trusted to stay where you think you left them.  With multiple cam locking positions, a generous number of available user codes, 3 authority levels, and special keypad features such as tamper lockout, you couldn't pick a better solution to replace your cabinet locks than the SDC 295.  Besides ensuring you can get into your cabinets when you absolutely have to, don't overlook the value of this lock making your work place more secure.  Employees will feel more at ease their personal belongings are safe.  They will also be more confident in their job, as they won't have to worry about an important evidence locker key, or server rack key going missing, completely unravelling an important case, or project that was being worked on.  When push comes to shove the new SDC 295 keyless cabinet lock is a practical security measure you can take right away at a reasonable price for all of your cam lock compatible drawers and doors. Retail and Museum Display cases, cabinets. Laboratory, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Files, cabinets, lockers, and carts. Business and School Office, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, file cabinets, desk drawers, lockers and carts. Industrial/Manufacturing Metal and wood cabinetry for tools, supplies, inventory, hazardous material storage. Residential Cabinetry, closets, desks and files. Law Enforcement Firearm, and evidence lockers, cabinets, and desk drawers. Rack / Server cabinets, LAN, HVAC, communications. Electrical/Equipment Enclosures, such as Hinged electrical cabinets, NEMA, floor and wall mount. Security Equipment applications, including Key control cabinets, alarm and power supply cabinets. Console Cabinets, Security/CCTV, guard console station/cabinet.


    Manufacturer Security Door Controls
    Battery Type AAA
    Finish Black, Silver
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer
    Handle Type Turn Knob
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Cam
    Brand SDC

    Door requirements


    Code Length 4 to 6 Digits
    Code Capacity 30


    Door Thickness Minimum 3/4 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 3/4 in.
    Dimensions 5.5 (H) x 1.4 (W) x 0.85 (D) in. , 1.25 (D) in. w/Dial
    Weight 2.5 lbs