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  • ShurLok SL200W

    Combination Lock Box and Padlock

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    • Over 10 years or reliability and durability
    • 10,000 possible combinations
    • The only lock box with one combo to open the shackle and another to access the key door
    • No front lid to fall off
    • No START-OVER like in old dial-systems, if you mess up one number, simply fix that digit
    • Industrial Strength Craftsmanship — Chrome-plated brass dials, solid metal body, hardened steel shackle, and a protective back
    • Safe at night with zero-locking; Roll the dial up and away from you to zero, then count the numbers up
    • Opens first time, every time
    • Recombinate in seconds


    • After School Access for Children
    • Easy Access for Friends and Family Key Lock Box
    • Maintenance People & Cleaning Personnel Key Lockbox
    • Emergency Access for the Elderly
    • Construction Sites & Vehicles
    • Contractors & Subcontractors
    • Recreational Vehicles
    • Boats & Boat Lockers
    • Bicycles and Motor Bikes
    • Vacation Properties & Rentals Key Lockboxes
    • Great for Joggers & Outdoor Sports
    • Real Estate Key LockBox & Property Management Key
    • And anywhere having access to keys unattended is a priority


    • Shackle width — 7/32″
    • Shackle width with protective cover; 7/16″
    • Height — 1-5/8″
    • Width — 1-3/8″
    • Body Width; 2-1/2″
    • Height (shackle & body); 5-1/2″
    • Key Compartment; 1-3/8″
    • Height Width (fits up to 5 keys); 9/16″
    So you think you really did good putting your key under the mat, inside the flower pot, in the mailbox, or under that rock outside your door?  Come on, really?  The truth is these are common places a burglar will look to gain access into your home.  Not to mention, how many times have all of us been locked out because the key wasn't where we knew we left it.  When you use ShurLok you don't need to break a window to get in.  ShurLok helps you avoid the aggravating, embarrassing, and possibly heartbreaking scenarios caused by a lost, misplaced, or stolen key. You'll join millions of homeowners, contractors, and real estate professionals who entrust their spare key and temporary key storage to ShurLok.  Easily securing 5 to 6 keys, the ShurLok SL200W is a rust resistant key lockbox you can mount virtually anywhere with the optional accessories.  A zero-locking lockbox, ShurLok even gives you accessibility in the dark.  And for the true security-warriors, you will love the patented and favorite feature of ShurLok; there is one combination for the shackle, and one for the key compartment.  While others rack their brains, and lose sleep over a lock box which seemingly 'walked off', you can mount ShurLok and forget about it!  Just give out the code to those who need access to the keys.  Serving a dual purpose, ShurLock doubles as a sturdy and easy-to-handle padlock for use with security chains, gate hasps, cabinet hasps, and shed/barn doors.


    Manufacturer FJM Security Products
    Color Black, Blue, Red
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
    Access Type Combo
    Brand ShurLok

    Door requirements



    Weight 1 lbs