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    • “No Tour” System – Program your fobs all at the PC and use your fobs to program the locks
    • Easy to install system
    • Full training available
    • Fully auditable system
    • Cloud Based System – all changes are made system wide at any location
    • Customizable user privilege for staff and managers
    StratIS provides a comprehensive access management system that eliminates the need for costly, complex, and hard to maintain industry alternatives. StratIS is a simple, cost effective, easy-to-install system that provides property managers a return on investment in as few as twenty-four months. The system enables property managers and staff to quickly and easily provide credentials (fobs/cardssmartphone), vendor access and full audits without leaving the management office. Save time and money by eliminating the need to re-key and replace locks. When integrated with the StratIS system, your entire system will have our “No-Tour” access control, making the need to “tour” the locks obsolete. The StratIS web app allows you to control your entire system from your PC or StratIS tablet directly on the cloud so changes are made automatically no matter where you are. Three step programming via the StratIS tablet for ease of use: tell the system which door you want to program to the fob, place the fob on the enroller, then program the lock with your fob. StratIS has truly simplified the no tour system and was made with both the manager and tenant in mind. If you have a large facility with multiple managers you can keep your system in full check by creating multiple levels of manager access and tracking all changes by each manager. If a tenant loses their fob, a new one can easily be made and programmed into the lock cancelling out the lost fob. If that lost fob gets turned in, you can use the reader/enroller to discover which lock it was assigned to, if it is still needed by the tenant, and if not, remove it in the software and reprogram it to be used elsewhere.


    Manufacturer StratIS
    Brand StratIS

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    Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE, WiFi