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  • STRATTEC Advanced Logic RTS-D2300

    Optical Scanner For RTS Biometric Locks

    SKU: RTS-D2300

    STRATTEC Advanced Logic

    FREE Software with purchase of any STRATTEC Advanced Logic Lock ($400 Value!)

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    • RTS model, RTS-P PIN model also available
    • Auto-locking
    • Up to 1000 users per lock
    • 3 Authority Levels:  Administrator, Manager & User
    • Multi-modal options with PIN Code, fingerprint and mechanical key
    • 4th generation advanced CMOS optical fingerprint sensor – RTS Optical Scanner (sold separately) required for fingerprint enrollment into MS1 software
    • Locks can be managed as a stand-alone unit or through your computer with optional MS1 software
    • First person in prevents doors from automatically unlocking at scheduled times even if personnel have yet to arrive
    • Capture, review, and transmit audit trail history
    • Easy to read and use inner and outer OLED screens
    • Weather resistant and rock solid construction
    • Secure PIN Code access
    • Transfer and view audit trails to any authorized PC using USB
    • Lock Meets Grade 1 Standards, Backset – Grade 2
    • PIN or fingerprint only; User ID and Finger Print or PIN
    • Battery Operation:  Requires 4 AA (sold separate)

    MS1 Software Features (included)

    • MS1 User Management software for administration of the locks on your network
    • Capture, review, and transmit audit trail history
    • Scheduling: Create user specific lock schedules, and scheduled lock time. Does NOT support scheduled unlock (only used in atypical applications). Users with Administrator authority have access at all times
    • Holiday Mode: Set up to 12 dates which will override regular unlock periods, keeping lock secure


    • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer
    RTS Optical Scanner (sold separately) required for fingerprint enrollment into MS1 software

    The RTS is perfect for security-sensitive business and government environments. Set access control rights for each individual user to each individual lock and upload these access rights in seconds. You can establish these based on time of day, and day of the week for scheduled control with the MS1 Management System. You can register users as fingerprint only, PIN-code only, or a combination of both on any lock or group of locks you define. The system handles small or large user populations, provides tracking, timed locking, and is designed to operate flawlessly when exposed to harsh weather. The RTS Series delivers uncompromising commercial-grade quality. This lock is a true workhorse, tested to over 2 million duty cycles. The RTS has a 3-hour UL fire-rated latch and a free-wheeling clutch. The outdoor portion is weather resistant. When used with the MS1 User Management software (included) you can configure all locks on your network and manage all user information from a central system administrator’s position.


    The RTS lock series includes a removable rim cylinder in standard sizing. These locks can be adapted to use other keyways using a Small Format IC Housing Adapter. Please Contact Us if you need more information or help ordering


    Manufacturer Strattec Advanced Logic
    Brand STRATTEC Advanced Logic

    Door requirements


    Scanner Optical CMOS


    STRATTEC Advanced Logic MS1 software is for use with RTS Series locks and is now included with every RTS lock. This software makes managing hundreds of users and locks simpler, and allows you to:

    Manage users for one or more locks, including adding fingerprints*, PIN codes and all individual user permissions, allowed entry times and more
    Query and analyze audit trails from any lock in your network
    Backup and restore all of your lock databases
    Edit global lock settings for each lock, including global access times
    Allow each lock to have a different set of 1000 users and allows you to cut and past individual users or even groups of users to any lock in seconds
    Control any number of RTS locks
    *RTS-D2300 Optical Scanner (sold separately) required for fingerprint enrollment

    View this downloadable PDF for the full list of MS1 software features

    NOTE: MS1 software is Windows only, NOT compatible with Apple iOS