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  • FJM SX-575

    Combination Locker Lock

    SKU: SX-575

    FJM Security Products

    Features manager override and code discovery.

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    • 4-Wheel Combination Padlock with 10,000 possible codes
    • Never throw another padlock or combination lock away!
    • Patented code discovery function:  Discover code and reset!  (Requires manager key)
    • Easy to use than spin-dial combination locks
    • Key over-ride via rotating disc lock mechanism located underneath the body
    • Override/code retrieval keys available (sold separately)
    • Heavy duty
    • Solid metal: The outer housing and barrel are zinc alloy
    • Easy to reset
    • Brass 4-pin cylinder
    • Body:  1-5/8″ W x 2″ H
    • 1/4″ shackle:  Inside clearance 3/4″ W x 15/16″ H

    Manager key sold separately –  FJM SX-575-KEY manager key is required for OVER-RIDE and code retrieval. Click the link here!

    The SX-575 combination locker lock is the one and only locker padlock tailor-made for today's culture.  In the fast world we live in, we expect to get what we need in a hurry.  This is especially true when standing in front of a locker door and we can't remember the combination, or find the locker key.  We can't get to our car keys, purse, clothes, sailing gear, medical supplies, files, gym equipment, or gun.  All you can think of is 'what now.'  There is no time to wait for someone with bolt cutters to show up.  It's why more clubs, gyms, schools, and hospitals are turning to the SX-575 resettable padlock.  It attaches to the vast majority of locker eyelets because of its small 1/4" diameter shackle.  But it's best known for being the only one with an optional code retrieval/manager key for discovering and resetting a forgotten code.  This is helpful for instance when a club supervisor needs to remove the padlock for any reason — without needing to know its combination.


    Manufacturer FJM Security Products
    Access Type Combo
    Brand FJM Security Products

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 3 3/16 (H) x 1 11/16 (W) x 3/4 (D) in.
    Weight 0.40 lbs