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  • Trilogy Networx AL-IM3-80211

    Generation 3 Wi-Fi Gateway

    SKU: AL-IM3-80211

    Trilogy Networx

    The Trilogy Networx AL-IM3-80211 is a Gateway device used within the Trilogy Networx™ wireless system. Combines with wireless wall-mounted expanders and plug-in wireless expanders to cover more building space with a single IP address. Installation is simple, only requiring access to one RJ-45 Ethernet network cable or Wi-Fi and connection to an AC outlet.

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    • Generation 3 Gateways are compatible with DL-WINDOWS version 5.5.4 and later only
    • Generation 3 Gateways can be mixed into an existing system that includes older “non-version 3” gateways


    • Network gateway for Networx lock systems
    • Expand your Networx lock system with up to 7 Expanders (AL-IME2-EXP) – Note expanders cannot communicate with older Gen 1 Gateways
    • Mount within 175 feet* (radially) from the intended wireless lock location(s)
    • Expanders should be mounted in elevated areas – recommended mounting position 6 to 12 in. below standard 8-9 foot ceiling**
    • Cost-effective and easier to wire than conventional gateways
    • Networx system automatically identifies all newly powered Expanders and quickly self-determines the best wireless signal pathways
    • Each Gen. 3 Gateway and a maximum of seven (7) Expanders can be addressed as one group
    • Total of 99 addressable groups supported (addressable by two rotary switches)

    *Open areas increase range while concrete building construction, walls, ceilings and narrow corridors decrease range
    **Drop ceiling installation not recommend, signal strength may be affected

    NEW for Generation 3

    • Optional hardwired switch that connects directly to the gateway to initiate global lockdown
    • Includes a locally-generated web page that allows you to pre-configure the Gateway to conform to your customer’s Wi-Fi network before adding the Gateway to a DL-Windows account
    The Trilogy Networx 3rd Generation Gateways interface up to 63 Networx locks with a PC network. The new 80211 model now features networking via either a hardwire Ethernet connection &/or wirelessly via a bi-directional radio. Similar in function to the original Networx Gateway Modules, and able to be intermixed with them, but now featuring dual mode installation flexibility and new "OfflinePreconfiguration" from any smart device or PC/laptop, i.e., enabling setup prior to getting on the job-site. Gen 3 Gateways require DL-WINDOWS version 5.5 + , support up to 7 of the same AL-IME2 Expanders (which extend the range up to 100 feet) ; 3 LED indicators display Gateway's operational status.


    Manufacturer Alarm Lock
    Ethernet 100Base-TX (Using RJ-45 Jack), 10Base-T
    Power 5 - 6 volts AC
    Radio Frequency 900MHz
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Brand Trilogy Networx

    Door requirements


    Wireless Protocol DHCP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP


    Dimensions 4.5 (H) x 6.0 (W) x 1.94 (D) in.
    Storage Temperature Range -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
    Weight 0.5 lbs

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