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    Wireless Networking Prox/PIN Exit Lock

    SKU: ETDLNS1G/26DM99

    Alarm Lock Trilogy and Trilogy Networx

    The Trilogy Networx ETPDN provides advanced, performance driven security and convenience in a stand-alone, affordable keyless entry system. Manage doors and users centrally from one computer.  No more need for wiring out to doors, or channeling wire through doors to electrify the opening. Suitable for use in offices, hospitals, movie theaters, and more.

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    • Heavy-duty ANSI Grade 1 wireless card exit lock
    • Exit Device Compatibility:  Von Duprin 99, Cal Royal 9800, Corbin ED5000, Yale 7100, Dorma 9300, Arrow 3800, Sargent 8800, Precision 1100, Precision 2100 (requires PB21 plate), and American Eagle 6200 bars.  When ordering please select your existing panic bar model so that we may ship you the correct, compatible ETPDN lock.  Otherwise, if your current bar is not listed, we sell a number of brand-name push bars that you can add to your order at checkout.
    • Supports up to 5000 users via 3-6 digit PINs, or HID prox cards
    • Compatible with any HID 125kHZ prox cards 26-48bit
    • Execute new network-wide capabilities including emergency priority global lockdown or unlock from any Networx lock, or the network’s PC
    • Operates on (4) C size batteries that are included
    • Unsurpassed 5-year+ battery life; no supplementary power supplies needed
    • Wireless programming requires DL-Windows software (Download FREE at website) and Networx Gateway (sold separately)
    • Manage up to 63 locks per AL-IME2 gateway, and 2000 locks system wide using gateways and wireless expanders
    • On demand user, and user group scheduling (500 timed schedule capacity)
    • On demand audit trail reporting with time/date stamp (Prior 35,000 events)
    • Offline programming may be done at the ETPDN’s 12-button keypad, or prox card reader
    • T2, and T3 Trilogy customers who maintain user and door information can continue to use their existing DL-Windows database to seamlessly manage Networx.  Add one new Networx lock, or 2000 to existing system
    • Uninterrupted Door Access Usage:  Lock retains all programming and data even in the event of power outage or server offline occurrence
    • Bi-directional communication using highest level of commercially available encryption (128-bit AES PC)
    • Remote System Management:  Accomplished with VPN/remote capability
    • 1 Button remote release (sold separately)
    • Weatherproof for installation in harsh settings
    • Key Override:  Standard rim cylinder (provided by manufacturer) to operate key override function is supplied.  All rim cylinders are interchangeable.  When you want to use a name brand rim cylinder (your own, or you can buy one from us) in the lock, then you will need to purchase a matching cylinder adapter kit for that brand
    • Satin chrome BHMA US26D finish
    • Fits standard commercial doors (Extended Spindles available for thicker doors)
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty

    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.

    No need to even get the IT department involved with Trilogy Networx.  As easy to setup as installing a cordless telephone, both small businesses and multi-location companies find Trilogy Networx perfect for capitalizing on the benefits from online access control.  Trilogy Networx eliminates signing keys in and out, maintaining key inventories, and worrying about unaccounted keys. The Networx ETPDN delivers high-level protection, improved oversight, and maximum value at a minimum cost.  Building on the platinum-plated reputation of the Trilogy T2, and T3 access control locks, Trilogy Networx introduces advanced, performance driven security and convenience in a stand-alone, affordable keyless entry system to help you eradicate the security hazards posed by door keys.  With a few clicks, Networx lets you manage your site’s doors and users centrally from one computer.  Physically maneuvering from door to door to delete an employee’s credential, lockout all users, and pull an audit trail gets eliminated – you can do it in near real-time (under 10 seconds) at your PC.  Requiring NO wiring, NO splitters/repeaters, NO hardwiring to host/server, NO extra power supplies, and NO controllers/panels, Trilogy Networx locks and gateway modules contain an integral receiver for super-efficient 900MHz bi-directional communications.  The result?  Longer range, and less interference.  This provides you a comprehensive online access control system without the need for wiring out to doors, or channeling wire through doors to electrify the opening.  Beyond the evident time saving features of having mainstream access control functionality through a few strokes on your keyboard, you can do never before things with Networx.  In the event of a security breach, or environmental emergency, this access control system lets you execute a network wide lockdown/unlock command so you can track and control who gets access and where.  Life-saving technology such as this can mean the difference between a total disaster or an averted one.

    Hospitals, Institutions, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Airports, Retail, Offices, Pharmacies, and more!


    Manufacturer Alarm Lock
    ANSI Rating Grade 1 (Best)
    Battery Type C cell
    Event Scheduling 500, Automated Unlock/Lock
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Lockdown, Passage Mode, Remote Control, Scheduling, Timed Codes
    Radio Frequency 125 kHz, 900MHz
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Reader Type Prox Card/Fob
    Access Type Key
    Keypad - Digits
    Proximity Card/Fob
    Locking Device Panic/Exit
    Exit - Rim
    Brand Alarm Lock Trilogy
    Trilogy Networx

    Door requirements

    Door Handing Universal
    Battery Life 5 Years


    Code Length 3 to 6 Digits
    Users 5,000


    Door Thickness Minimum 1 3/4 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 1 7/8 in.
    Dimensions 11.25 (H) x 3 (W) x 3.5 (D) in.
    Door Stile Width Minimum 5 in.

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