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  • Trilogy Networx PDL8200

    iClass HID Wireless Lock with REX and DPS

    SKU: PDL8200/26D

    Alarm Lock Trilogy and Trilogy Networx

    The Trilogy Networx PDL8200 features all of the Trilogy original functionality with added wireless user management. No more door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval. Ensure that perimeter doors, high security openings, high value access points, and other high traffic locations can be properly secured.

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    • 5000 user codes (3-6 digits) and/or accepts HID iClass prox cards and keyfobs
    • Multilevel security – Master; manager; supervisor; basic users
    • Easy Tap & Add batch ID card enrollment mode allows many cards to be quickly added without PC
    • Or, Enroll IDs or program locks from PC using license-free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS Version 5
    • Networx wireless networked locks eliminate door-to-door operations, audit queries and programming updates by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G to a PC computer/server through bidirectional Networx Gateway Modules
    • Emergency global lockdown/unlock activated in 10 seconds, from the Networx PC or any Networx lock activated from any lock, with or without the PC online by any authorized user with global permissions
    • 35,000 event audit trail log
    • 500 scheduled events
    • Weatherproof
    • Unsurpassed 5-year+ battery life,using 4 C-cell batteries (supplied)**. (Automatic battery status reports at the PC; visual and audible low-battery status indicators at lock(s)
    • Available in standard key override and interchangeable core models accepting 6 or 7 pin cores from Arrow, Best, Falcon, or KSP, and removable cores from Schlage, Medeco, Yale, Sargent, Medeco, and Corbin (use your own cores in the lock, or you may order one from us here)  Best and Schlage IC locks in 26D satin chrome generally ship same day, others may be subject to a lead time

    Download brochure (PDL8200 replaces PDL7100, exact same lock with request to exit feature and door position switch)

    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.

    Anticipating the acceleration of smart cards at University campuses, Alarm Lock continues their reputation as a leader in new locking solutions with their Trilogy Networx PDL8200.  The latest in a full line of wireless locks, Networx eliminates door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval.  By communicating wirelessly via Ethernet, or 802.11B/G, this iClass lock lets campuses speed up their transition to smart cards by ensuring perimeter doors, high security openings, high value access points, and other high traffic locations can be properly secured, and that authorized staff and students can carry the same card they use at the dining hall, library, laundry, or book store.  Trilogy locks are renowned throughout North America as the benchmark in strength and reliability.  You won’t find an electronic lock with a longer battery life, ability to withstand high-impact environments, and heavy use.  Networx locks feature all of the Trilogy original functionality, while giving you quick, safe, and more time-saving control of users and doors by handling everything wirelessly.  Any size network will do, and with a capacity to enroll up to 5,000 ID cards and/or PIN’s, the Trilogy PDL8200 Networx can accommodate small, or large user populations.  The business case for smart cards is now well understood.  Once you install smart card locks, you’ll realize there’s a case to be made here too.


    Manufacturer Alarm Lock
    ANSI Rating Grade 1 (Best)
    Battery Type C cell
    Event Scheduling 500, Automated Unlock/Lock
    Finish Satin Chrome, Duronodic
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Lockdown, Passage Mode, Remote Control, Scheduling
    Radio Frequency 13.56 MHz, 900MHz
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Reader Type Prox Card/Fob
    Access Type Key
    Keypad - Digits
    Smart Card/Fob
    Locking Device Cylindrical Latch
    Brand Alarm Lock Trilogy
    Trilogy Networx

    Door requirements

    Door Handing Non-Handed
    Battery Life 5 Years
    Door Prep Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Edge Bore: 1 in., Through-Bolt Hole(s)


    Code Length 3 to 6 Digits
    Users 5,000
    Wireless Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g
    Wireless Range Up to 328 ft. indoors


    Door Thickness Minimum 1 5/8 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 1 7/8 in.
    Backset 2 3/4 in.
    Dimensions 8 (H) x 3 1/4 (W) x 1 11/16 (D) in.
    Door Stile Width Minimum 5 in.

    *Basic email support only. Additional support time available for a fee.

    You are not comparing apples to apples when shopping for Trilogy locks online.

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    In addition to answering technical questions for you — troubleshooting only, does not include training, or programming — our agents are also available for paid training on importing your users, communicating with the lock, establishing your mission critical access schedules, navigating the software, and utilizing all of the features and functions of your new access control system.

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