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  • Von Duprin PS914

    4 Amp High Inrush Power Supply

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    Von Duprin


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    • 4A @ 12/24 VDC output, field selectable with jumper
    • Designed with high in rush current for powering electrified panic devices
    • Universal 120 -240 VAC input
    • Low voltage DC, regulated and filtered
    • Electronic power limiting foldback circuit for AC current overload protection
    • Two polarized connectors for distribution boards
    • Fused primary input
    • AC status monitor - isolated SPDT contacts
    • AC input and DC output LED status indicators
    • Cover mounted AC input indication
    • Hinged cover w/ lock down screws
    • High voltage protective cover


    • Fire Alarm Relay (FA) – Must be installed on distribution boards
    • 8F - 8 fused output distribution board
    • Battery Backup
    • PS914 2RS - 2 relay EL panic device control board powers Von Duprin Electric Exit Devices
    • 2Q - 2 relay QEL panic device control board for powering powers Quiet Latch Retraction Von Duprin Exit Devices
    • 4 relay distribution board
    • 4 relay distribution board with logic

    Field configurable for
    • Time delay function
    • Auto operator
    • Security interlock
    • 8 PTC output distribution board

    Wire Guage Selection Guide

    The PS914 with high in rush current is a best-selling power supply for providing power to Von Duprin electrified exit devices, such as the electric latch retraction vertical rod and rim panic bars. Your PS914 power supply can be ordered in a number of different configurations. We stock the most common systems, including the base model, albeit this one is seldom ordered because your electrified exit devices will need more electric charge than the base model's 4 amp output is able to provide. The model frequently selected and the one we recommend is the PS914 2RS, which ramps up the current output to 16 amps. Typically concealed behind a ceiling panel, in a control room, or mounted on an interior wall near the door, your power supply acts as one of the main workhorses of your new electrified opening. It is vital you go with a reputable manufacturer when it comes to something as important as this system component. The last thing you want is to invest all your money in a top-of-the-line access control design, and then to find out only weeks after you get it online, your folks are having to press the remote buzzer multiple times to let someone in, or a staff member's key card isn't being recognized by the reader because of a fault with the transformer. With the PS914 you won't have to worry about any of this. It meets UL294 standards for quality, provides regulated voltage, and features a limiting foldback circuit to prevent against AC overload which could cook all your devices, and overheat the enclosure boards. Download PS914 Power Supply Data Sheet


    Manufacturer Allegion
    Brand Von Duprin

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