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These days, locking your commercial building has never been easier. Our electronic keyless door lock options give you the freedom to keep your building easily accessible to those who should be there and highly secured against those who shouldn’t. Our selection of keyless door locks easily integrate with your existing panic bar or storefront door lock, bringing you peace of mind. Say hello to a new era of security!

Benefits of Electronic Keyless Door Locks

One of the biggest challenges for companies? Reducing the number of keys in circulation. Keys are easily lost or stolen, and doors are frequently left unlocked, leaving your business open to attack. Employees come and go and each time an employee leaves, keys need to be collected or locks have to be changed. This waste of time and resources doesn’t have to be. Electronic locks are easily changed and reprogrammed to accommodate whoever might be leaving or joining your staff! Invest in a system that accommodates your specific needs. Loss prevention is easier than ever with keyless door locks.

Types of Electronic Keyless Door Locks

Fingerprint - It doesn’t get more unique than using fingerprints to determine who is allowed into a space. A keyless door lock option that uses technology to keep security tight. Keypad - Digits - Use easily reprogrammable codes to specify who can access your commercial building when. An electronic door lock that’s easy to use no matter who is on staff. Proximity Card/Fob - Harness the power of radio wave technology to enhance easier accessibility to your building for those who need it. Once you’re in proximity, unlock doors hassle-free. Magstripe - Portable cards allow you to have specific control over who can enter and exit your establishment when you want them to have access. Grant your employees a smooth way to move through your commercial space.


Securing your commercial space is one of the biggest priorities for business owners. Have internal spaces that also need sealed tight? Keyless door locks enhance convenience and productivity between spaces without having to deal with clumsy key rings. Technology has arrived to make traversing throughout your building easy. Starting to get the feeling that you need electronic keyless door locks for your commercial establishment? Great! We’d love to chat with you further to nail down which system (or combination of systems) is best for you. Take this as a sign that it’s time to Go Keyless!