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Where to Install a Mechanical Lock

Use a mechanical commercial door lock in the following interior spaces:
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Government and institutional buildings
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Commercial kitchens
  • And more!
Investing in a security upgrade with a mechanical keypad door lock, keyless deadbolt, or deadlatch offers you enhanced convenience and protection. Once you GoKeyless, you'll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch!

The Benefits of a Commercial Mechanical Lock

While keys are easily misplaced, keyless door locks let you and your staff enter and exit quickly and securely. No Electronics. Mechanical commercial door locks are a trusted method of securing your space without relying on batteries, wires, or electronics to get the job done. Customizable Settings. Create, eliminate, or change access codes based on personal needs, business structure, and staffing changes. Crafted for Easy Use. Easy to install and even easier to use. These days, securing your commercial space is convenient, affordable, and stylish. Eye-Catching Designs. Brass, chrome, and bronze finishes that look great.

Types of Commercial Door Locks

GoKeyless products provide high-level security, user-friendly designs, and ADA accessibility options. With our range of trusted keyless brands and tamper-proof cores, you'll find the right model for your business needs. Push Button Door Lock - Lock maintenance models add convenience and durability without increasing security costs or stressors. Recessed button models offer added protection. Combination Door Lock - Use personalized sequential character codes with auto-locking capabilities to specify who and who does not have access. Keyless Door Lock - Eliminate those pesky rekeying costs with a mechanical keypad. Routinely updated codes mean your commercial space is secure, no matter how many employees you have coming and going. Keyless Deadbolts - Easy to install, these classic designs enhance your commercial aesthetic. Commercial door locks eliminate the need for re-keying, with impenetrable protection against anyone who doesn't have the correct code. Deadlatch - Deadlatches automatically lock when closed, offering you peace of mind in your commercial space. Take the guesswork out of ensuring offices, storage closets, and other doors are only accessible by those granted authorization.

Install the Way of the Future

Productivity, safety, and peace of mind--you deserve it all! Increase security without tracking who locked up last. Upgrade your external and internal doors with a combination door lock, push button door lock, or more. Protect your space with strategic combination of locks. Questions about which commercial mechanical lock is ideal for your business or retail space? Go ahead and connect with our passionate, knowledgeable GoKeyless team. We're happy to help you on the journey to going keyless.