Hardwired Access Control & Electric Locks

Hardwired access control locks and electric locks give your home or commercial space the ultimate security. Keypads and card readers provide personalized accessibility, so you know who is entering your space when. Biometric readers modernize your security for the 21st century. Connect these edge devices to an electric strike or maglock, and run it all back to a control panel for a complete solution to meet your security needs.

To Wire or Not to Wire

That is - indeed - the question. Both wired and wireless options can integrate into your home or business, but they offer different advantages.

The Benefits of Stand-alone Electronic Locks:
  • Extra protection from the outside world
  • Simple set-up that can be easily adjusted if you change your mind
  • Easily-integrated communication with smart devices in your home. (That means you can deactivate security on your phone or ask Alexa to do it!)
  • Battery powered so you don’t have to worry about power outages
  • Generally more cost-effective, without needing to run power to your doors
The Benefits of Hardwired Access Control Door Locks:
  • Trusted conventional security strategy that has improved over time
  • More features and easier to use at scale
  • Ability to tap into existing infrastructure if your home or business is already wired
  • Constantly connected to a power source! No hassling over low or dead batteries needing changed

When deciding which system to use, take stock of your current security set-up. That can help inform which decision works best for you and your needs.

Types of Hardwired Access Control Locks & Electric Locks

  • Keypads - use personalized number codes to grant access for those who need it. Choose a look that compliments your space’s aesthetic
  • Card Readers - easy to program card readers are ideal for complicated spaces with multiple locked entry points
  • Control Panels - perfect for securing larger spaces (schools, universities, hospitals, parking lots). Specific models can secure up to 2,000 doors for Mid-Market and Enterprise applications
  • Biometric Readers - uses advanced technology to allow access based solely on an eye, hand, or finger. Talk about convenience!
  • Buzz-In Systems - low-key buzzer systems give you the power to decide who is allowed in and when. Check out our wired and wireless offerings


Whether you’re in the market for commercial electronic door locks or residential access control locks, we make securing your spaces easy, affordable, and functional. Not sure what locks are best for you? Reach out to our experts. We’re always available to help find the perfect option for your space. When you’re looking for personalized control over who has access to your home or business, your best bet is to choose the Nation's premier distributor of keyless technology and hardwired building access control products.