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Traditional vs. Keyless Padlocks

A well-placed padlock is often your best bet to strengthen home and workplace security. Ready to handle a range of applications, these locks can secure lockers, gates, storage units, sheds, and cabinets. New advances in select padlock designs even allow you to boost security outdoors, where weather poses a threat and may negatively affect the operation of the lock. Traditional padlocks with keys help in a low-risk setting; however, we recommend combination options, which are a better version of the original. Ultimately the goal is to keep your environment safe. Padlocks are essential to that mission.

The Benefits of Keyless Padlocks

Padlocks keep indoor and outdoor spaces secured while providing easy access for those needing it. These convenient locks effortlessly protect any area you have in mind. Modern, wireless Bluetooth Padlocks drive security gains with built-in upgraded performance features. Not sure how to pick? Our array of options allows you to select the type of lock that’ll be easiest for you to open. With technologically advanced Bluetooth padlocks and other keyless options, we have the right fit for your needs and style! We also offer traditional padlocks for those who want to keep your keys.

Explore a Range of Padlocks

  • Combination - Combination locks range from traditional, familiar versions, to Bluetooth options. Use your smartphone to open your lock easily and even receive tamper alerts!
  • Directional Combination - Analog and Bluetooth options keep your space secure. Create a passcode not from letters or numbers but directions! Impossible to guess, easy to remember.
  • Keypad With Digits - The future is here! Bluetooth padlocks look sleep and offer user-friendly access on your smart phone.
  • Smartphone Access - Use your smartphone to remotely open your lock, no matter where you are. Grant access while on vacation or track when the lock was last opened.
  • Keyed Locks - Not ready to give up your set of keys? We get it. Keyed traditional padlocks are easy to use while offering pick-resistant features.

Where Can I Use Padlocks?

GoKeyless proudly offers an array of options that are perfect for:
  • Construction sites
  • Security gates
  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Homes
  • Sheds
  • Locker rooms
  • Anything else you need to lock up!
More robust security doesn't have to mean investing in an entirely new control panel and locking system! That's where keyless padlocks can stand out as the perfect option. Built for internal and external use, our locks make sure your bases are covered. Forget carrying around a key — enjoy the ability to GoKeyless once and for all!