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  • 4 Convenient Uses of a Smart Lock

    Smart Lock Uses

    Smart home devices have grown in popularity over the past few years, and now, smart locks are the next big trend. A smart lock allows you to lock and unlock doors without physical keys by utilizing WIFI and Bluetooth, combined with a smartphone app.

    Ready to add convenience and ease to your daily routine. Here’s some added perks of upgrading your home with smart locks.

    Let Guests in While You’re Away

    Smart locks allow you to let guests into your home, even when you’re not around. Forget hiding spare keys under a rock that definitely looks fake. You can give out digital keys using a connected smartphone app, from wherever you are. Check out GoKeyless’s WiFi Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD226-CBA – perfect for when you’re on vacation and your sister reallyneeds to borrow that one top.

    Forget Fishing Out Keys

    Smart locks negate the needs for big clunky house keys. While some models utilize a numeric pad or touchscreen, others obey voice commands, so you simply ask your door to open for you. More advanced models unlock as you approach by sensing the proximity of your smartphone. Look into GoKeyless’s Schlage Connect Z-Wave Plus Touchscreen Front Entry Lock – perfect for when the weather outside is frightful and you have an armful of groceries.

    Track It All

    Not sure if your child made it home from school yet? A smart lock tracks who has come into your house, and when they got there. Plus, if you forgot to lock your door, you can double check it from wherever you are. Try GoKeyless’s Schlage Sense Smart Front Entry Wi-Fi Bundle – perfect for those busy days when you’re trying to keep track of it all.

    Arrive Home in Style

    To add an extra level of style and comfort, you can actually connect yoursmart lockwith other smart home devices. Imagine as your front door unlocks, your interior lights turn on, your thermostat turns up, and your favorite album starts playing. Consider GoKeyless’s Kwikset Halo Touch Contemporary – perfect for coming home after a long hectic day at the office.

    Go Keyless!

    Are smart locks worth it? We think so. Convenient and secure, they’re the future of home security. Curious about which is the best smart lock for you? GoKeyless has an array of options to peruse so you can add some much needed ease and comfort to your life. If you have questions about how smart locks can best work with your security needs and budget, contact us at (877) 438-5377. We love to talk keyless solutions!