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  • Parents, we know one of your hardest jobs beyond raising your kids is finding a reliable babysitter you can trust. It can take years to build up a level of comfort where the babysitter is like family.

    Until that happens, it’s best to restrict the babysitter’s access to only those times when you need them in your home.

    One of the best keyless lock systems for doing this isNexia Intelligence.

    How Nexia ImprovesBabysitter Safety Measures

    With a Nexiabridge, and Nexia compatibleremote control lock, you can program a temporary entry code that will expire within 24 hours, or you can simply delete it once the sitter leaves.

    The beauty of this system is you don’t need to be home to do the programming.

    With a subscription to Nexia, any smartphone, tablet, or internet accessible computer will do.

    Whether you’re home when the sitter arrives, or at work, you can make a code on the fly, and then erase it from the lock’s memory when you send the sitter home.

    Check out these options below:

    The Nexia subscription also comes with easy-to-use apps that are password protected and full of pictures to manage your home’s security.

    This keyless lock and home control combination does wonders for busy families, and for moms and dads who need their kid-free time.

    You don’t need to be home to let the sitter in, make any key copies, keep doors unlocked, or worry about the sitter losing their spare key and it falling into the wrong hands.

    By replacing physical keys with an easy-to-set code, walks with the kids around the neighborhood, or a trip to the ice cream store, are less of a hassle for the babysitter. Your doors won’t get left unlocked while they’re out either.

    Improve YourBabysitter Safety with a Nanny Cam

    Many of our Nexia families also feature ananny cam with their system. Using these security cameras, you can check in at any time from your phone and see what’s going on. No more guessing if your kids are being treated the way they should be.

    Finding the right person to watch your little ones may be difficult and time consuming, but once you’ve found a good one, giving them the key to your home and keeping tabs on them while they’re there, no longer will be.


    Even if the sitter is family, it’s also best to ensure babysittersafety! For questions about other keyless door lock systems to protect your family and give you peace of mind when hiring an in-home babysitter, contact us at (877) 439-5377, and our team will walk you through your options!