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    3 Security Tips for Small Businesses

    If you own a small business, you know how important it is to keep your employees, your information, and your physical business safe and secure. There are three main things to take into account when you are planning your business security: monitoring activity, tracking entrances and exits, and efficiently managing your keys and access. By setting up an efficient security plan before you start purchasing your security systems, you can easily figure out what priorities matter most to you and your company. If you are looking for the best business security options on the market, look no further than GoKeyless. Our expert staff knows the best products and solutions to easily secure small businesses and giant corporations alike.

    Monitor Activity

    There are two main ways that you can monitor the activity in and around your business: utilizing security cameras and installing smart locks. Security cameras give you physical evidence of who goes in and out of your business, who is around your business, and allows you to monitor any suspicious activity. If you have any questions about any specific instances, security cameras can prove to be an invaluable ally.

    You can monitor who is entering your small business without being there every second of the day by using a great smart lock system. Smart locks like the Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-In-A-Box allow you to keep track of when specific employees enter using their keycard, up to the last 35,000 entrances. This full complete system essentially functions as another manager for you, tracking exactly who is coming into your business and at what time.

    Tracking Entrances and Exits

    One of the biggest security issues for most businesses are “blind spots” in their security system. The hardest places to monitor are entrances and exits, especially if your business has more than two. If you can limit your entrances and exits by making certain doors emergency exits and equipping them with a fire alarm can essentially cut out weak spots in your security system. Once you have cut down to just a handful of entrances, make sure you monitor those entrances with a great system of security cameras.

    Manage Your Keys

    Keys for small businesses can get a bit messy. If you have ever had to fire an employee, you know that it can be a tricky business, and getting your key back can be hard sometimes. If you have to let an employee go or are unsure about where all of your keys may be, your business’s security can easily be compromised. You can get rid of keys entirely by using an electronic lock system like the Trilogy T2 DL2700. This sleek and easy to use multi-user commercial electronic lock allows you to give each one of your employees a specific entry code and allows you to still use keys if you prefer more of a traditional entry method. This lock makes it easy for you to manage and delete old codes and only give keys to your most trustworthy employees.

    Securing your small business is immensely important. Take care of your business with ease with the help of the expert staff here at GoKeyless.