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    Picture this: Your Prius is packed to the gills with food to fill your empty refrigerator. You pull into the driveway but instead of calling your kids for help, you allow yourself a quick workout.

    As you wrestle up every grocery bag from the car, you stumble your way to the front door, gasping for air as the weight from these heavy bags begin to tighten around your arms and hands with each step. When you finally arrive to the front door, you now have to scramble in your pockets for the key. But when you reach for the handle, you drop a gallon of milk, and that’s when the realization hits you: it’s time to switch to a keyless entry solution.

    We’ve all been there before and we get it—why make multiple trips to the car when you can get all the groceries in one trip, right? But if your home had a Bluetooth lock, you wouldn’t have to drop all those groceries on the ground to unlock your door. Instead, all you have to do is simply touch the lock to gain entry to your home.

    Sounds pretty convenient, huh? Let’s take a deeper look at why installing a proximity-based keyless entry door lock is a smart investment!

    What Are Bluetooth Locks & How Do They Work?

    A Bluetooth lock uses contactless RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, which means you’ll never need to use a physical key to unlock your door again. For smartphone users, you can simply download the lock brand’s mobile app (for free) to your smartphone, or you can use a key fob (included with the lock) to gain access.

    Conveniently, the mobile app runs in the background, so you don’t have to open it before entering your home.

    • The Kwikset Kevo, for example, will detect when your smartphone is within close proximity to the lock (say, inside your pocket, backpack, or purse). What happens next is your device activates the deadbolt, allowing authorized access with the touch of a finger.
    • From the mobile app, you can easily manage a user’s access by creating codes. An access code provides you with more control than ever before and cannot be physically lost, stolen, or duplicated.
    • While standing in line at the grocery store, you can send a unique code to your sister before she arrives from out of state—plus you can view the history of any user’s previous entry, so you can be sure your teenager got home before curfew without having to wait up.

    More About The Kevo Bluetooth Lock

    KEVO by kwickset

    The Kevo by Kwikset is an affordable Bluetooth lock that includes a unique touch-to-open feature that uses your smartphone or key fob.

    Other features include:

    • ANSI grade two deadbolt
    • Multiple levels of military grade encryption
    • Receive notifications and manage lock and eKeys through the Kevo mobile app, or provided key fob
    • Comes with one key fob, two eKeys, and unlimited guest keys
    • Additional eKeys available for purchase, using Kevo mobile app for $1.99 each
    • Unlimited eKey capacity
    • Additional fobs available for purchase
    • Each eKey is unique and assigned specifically to a Kevo user and Kevo Bluetooth lock
    • An eKey can be shared digitally in a few clicks
    • You can temporarily disable or completely delete any unwanted users from Kevo
    • eKeys may be reused
    • Time/date stamp audit trail history—know who and when the lock was accessed

    Also by Kwikset is Halo. These keyless options range from fingerprint locks to convenient keypad access codes. Features include:

    • Access to activity history through mobile app
    • Bluetooth lock connection
    • Customization of users
    • No hard wiring needed

    Schlage Sense Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

    The Schlage Sense is a top of the line Bluetooth lock designed for quick and simple lock control through your smartphone.

    Here’s some of its key features:

    • Bluetooth lock access right from your phone
    • Meets the highest industry rating for security and durability
    • Built-in alarm technology senses potential door attacks
    • Easy to set up and program, using the Schlage Home™ app (iOS and Android)
    • Assign and schedule codes through the Schlage Home™ app
    • Lock holds up to 30 access codes at a time
    • Talk to your lock through compatible voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant*
    • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere*
    • Battery-operated so no hard-wiring required or lockouts during a home power outage
    • No fees or subscriptions
    • Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapteris required for remote access and voice assistant features

    The Schlage Sense is available standalone or in a variety of bundles, including WiFi and front entry kits

    Upgrade Your Home’s Security with GoKeyless

    Want to know how these and other proximity-based door locks can enhance the security and function of your home or office? Check out our full selection of Bluetooth locks for details, pricing, specs, and much more! For question, our team is always here to help you find the best door lock solutions, so you enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your home’s security.

    Contact us today at (877) 439-5377 and let us find you the best Bluetooth lock for your needs, budget, and lifestyle!