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    You’re here because everytime you have to go to the door to turn the key, or let someone in, it costs you valuable time, time you could spend running your business. Whether you’re a medical facility, retail shop, warehouse, or other concern, a buzz in system is a popular and effective approach to take to avoid the repetitive action of always having to go to the door. Choosing the right hardware to employ for your door condition is fundamental to having a safe, reliable, and compliant buzzer setup.

    When you have a standard wood or commercial door with an existing cylindrical lock (door knob, or otherwise), all you need to do to create the buzz in, is switch out the door strike that is in your jamb now, with an electric strike, and then add a power supply, and a release switch, such as a receptionist button, concealed desk switch, concealed desk switch with toggle, or intercom.

    (If your door has an existing maglock on the top jamb, you would simply use this, instead of the electric door strike.)

    We like to say you’ve seen one door, you’ve seen one door. Every scenario may be a little bit different.

    If you need any help whatsoever, please call us during normal business hours, and our professional sales staff can walk you through exactly what you need to complete your system.

    We can be reached toll free at 877-439-5377.

    RCI 909S-MO Receptionist Button / Rocker Switch

    SDC 15-2 Concealed Desk Switch, Momentary Push

    SDC 15-2-3 Concealed Desk Switch

    Rutherford 8310 Electromagnetic (Single Mag) Lock