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  • How Important is a Key Override for your Keyless Locks?

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    It’s hard to beat the convenience and ease of use that a keyless lock provides. For starters, keyless locks completely eliminate the hassle of keeping up with keys, as well as the potential for your keys to fall into the wrong hands. Although modern technology has afforded us highly reliable electronic keyless locks, there are rare occasions where malfunctions may occur, and in those instances you will need some type of way to override the locking mechanism so that you won’t be locked out.

    Fortunately, there are several keyless locks available that feature a key override function, which enables you to manually unlock the device in any situations that may require emergency access. The last thing you would want is to not be able to access an important location during an emergency; keyless locks with a key override function can alleviate that possibility altogether.

    Interestingly enough, the key override feature of modern electronic locks evolved somewhat as an afterthought. Roughly 30 years ago when electronic locks were first being introduced, there a bit of a stigma in the marketplace regarding whether or not these new contraptions could be trusted.

    Electronic access control mechanisms were first installed onto the body of existing cylindrical locks as a way to ease consumers into the idea of using battery-powered locks. The earliest lock bodies were configured to house a lightweight motor (approx. 1/900 horsepower) that would cause the device to lock or unlock. These innovative devices became the very first commercially available electronic access control locks.

    The basis for these locks was a key-controlled mechanical lock, which would eventually be regarded as a “just-in-case” override mechanism in the event that the electronic components failed. In the early days, technical hiccups with the new electronic models were relatively common, so you could use the key override if necessary to gain access. This helped to ease consumers’ minds regarding making the transition from using purely mechanical locks to the newer electronic models.

    Over the past three decades, electronic lock technology has dramatically improved, and the capabilities of new locks are far more advanced than the models of the past. In addition, electronic locks were somewhat of a novelty when they first hit the market; they are now considered commonplace. As robust as modern electronic locks are, a large portion of consumers still prefer a lock that features a manual key override in the rare event that a battery failure, power surge or other incident that may interfere with the electronic lock’s functionality may occur.

    So what are some good keyless locks to choose from that also feature a key override? Below are three excellent keyless locks with key override that will effectively fulfill your security and access needs:

    1. Schlage FE595 – This flexible electronic lock allows you to toggle between automatic re-locking and unlock, and boasts a Grade 2 security rating, which makes it an ideal performer across a wide range of residential applications including apartment buildings, houses, pool fences, etc. The FE595 features epoxy coated silicon rubber buttons that resist wear and protect the digits, as well as work in the rain, or even when you’re wearing gloves. The lock’s memory allows you to program up to 19 different access codes, and you can install the lock in minutes using nothing more than a screwdriver. The battery for the FE595 will last for three years under normal use, and the lock alerts you when the battery running low.

    2. Trilogy T2 DL2700 – The DL2700 offers you robust protection and rugged durability for all kinds of commercial applications including hospitals, airports, schools, pharmacies, offices, etc. This vandal-proof push-button lock can accommodate up to 100 users, and is able to be programmed at the keypad. The DL2700 is refreshingly simple to install, and it can retrofit most digital locks and cylindrical locksets. The key override for this lock includes a 6-pin standard cylinder with a Schlage SC1 keyway.

    3. Kaba E-Plex E2031XS – This light-duty door lock is perfect for an expansive array of commercial applications, and can be used for exterior or interior doors. The lock is fully programmable from the keypad, and it features audit trail functionality and software-based management tools. The E2031XS furnishes you with 100,000 lock cycles before the batteries need changing, and it will not lose your lock data should the batteries fail. The manual key override feature of the E2031XS uses a standard key-in lever Kaba cylinder with a Schlage C-type keyway. In addition, the key cylinder is cleverly concealed from view for added security.

    Choosing one of the keyless locks listed above will not only provide you with optimal convenience and security, but thanks to the key override feature, it will also ensure you’re prepared for any situations where emergency access may be necessary.

    Trilogy T2 DL2700, DL2700WP Digital Commercial Keypad Lock

    Kaba E-Plex E2031XSLL626 Keyless Access Lock