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  • How Keyless Locks Can Help Businesses Reap the Benefits of Staying Open 24/7

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    Operating an all-hours business is definitely a demanding task, not only in terms of costs and logistics, but also in terms of being able to properly secure the premises. After all, if you’re going to run a business 24/7, you want to make sure that you can provide adequate security for your property and employees during the late night hours when criminal activity has a tendency to increase. Fortunately, keyless locks can address these unique challenges, as they allow you a much greater level of access control and security than what you’ll get when using traditional keys.

    One of the most common scenarios with a 24/7 business is thinner staffing at nighttime, which means that there’s normally only one person behind the counter. Securing the door with a keyless lock that allows an employee to buzz people in at nighttime will offer them a lot more convenience, since they won’t have to leave the counter to open the door. It’s also a great way to further ensure the employee’s safety, as they can maintain a more secure vantage point from behind the counter.

    Using an electric door strike such as the World Strike 77V57 along with the RCI 909 receptionist button or the SDC 15-2 concealed desk switch will make it so much easier for the employee to manage incoming customers by buzzing them in instead of always having to leave their post to open the door. This definitely comes in handy for businesses that typically carry a small number of nighttime staff, because it can boost the convenience level for staff members who may already be handling multiple responsibilities throughout the night. For example, a staff member working the night shift at a 24-hour fitness center will be able to greet incoming customers, replenish supplies and keep equipment cleaned without having to worry about someone slipping past them and gaining unauthorized access to the facility.

    Keyless locks can also provide great advantages for 24/7 facilities that don’t have any employees on duty at nighttime. For example, a property manager can keep the laundry room of an apartment complex open 24 hours a day by installing a keyless lock such as the Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626. Any time a tenant needs to do their laundry, they can simply enter their pass code (issued by management) into the keypad, enabling them to access the laundry room any time of the day or night. This creates additional revenue for the property owner, and it increases the convenience level for tenants as well.

    There are all kinds of 24/7 businesses (data centers, bail bonds facilities, copy/print centers, etc.) that can benefit from using keyless locks. With the many challenges that can come along with running an all-hours business, keyless locks can provide 24/7 business owners with the relief of knowing that the security needs of their staff members are well taken care of. Not only will going keyless give you a greater level of security, but it can also afford you the opportunity to earn more revenue, as your business will be able to operate more efficiently all day and all night.

    World Strike 77V57 with Mounting Kit, Latch Bolt Monitor & Pre-load

    RCI 909S-MO Receptionist Button / Rocker Switch

    SDC 15-2 Concealed Desk Switch, Momentary Push

    Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 Keyless Access Lock