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  • How Proper Access Control Can Save Your Company Millions

    How Proper Access Control Can Save Your Company Millions

    Data security is one of the most important topics for businesses, and the more your business grows the more data you have to protect. In 2019 alone, there were 4 billion records breached and data breaches were up 54% since 2018. Big companies are specifically being targeted, with Capital One being hit for 106 million breaches between March 22nd and 23rd. Needless to say, these data breaches can be an extremely expensive dilemma. Not only do these breeches give away costly customer information, but a single breach can cause a massive loss in stock value as customers and traders will no longer view you as a trusted company. The best way to fight internal breaches and protect yourself from exterior threats is to make sure that you have fully controlled and properly regulated access control. If you would like to learn more about how you can secure your company and your data, contact one of our business security experts today. Here are three of our favorite locks for managing access control.

    Strattec Advanced Logic RTS-Z-EX

    Access control functions to keep certain areas of your business more secure than others by limiting and controlling who has access to sensitive areas of your business. If you have an area that you need heavily protected like a server room or a data storage room, the Strattec Advanced Logic RTS-Z-EX is a great option. This lock is extremely secure and versatile, with the ability to easily connect to your security system or upgraded with the optional Z-Wave Static Controller. You can easily customize access levels, with the ability to have 1,000 unique users. You can also choose the type of access you prefer, with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader, keypad, and traditional lock and key system. You will also get a comprehensive software suite for tracking and controlling access included with your purchase.

    Networx NETPDK-PAK

    If you are looking for a comprehensive security essentials kit, the Networx NETPDK-PAK is perfect for you. This versatile lock control system can be accessed via its built-in keypad or with up to 5,000 proximity ID cards or badges. This system also comes with a wide variety of features including automatic scheduling, event logs, and a fully self-contained PC manages wireless access control panel. You can also allow users to freely pass in one direction or require a code or key card for both directions. This kit is as easy to install as it is to manage across your entire business.

    Schlage MTMSK15

    If you want to secure your business with keycards and codes, the Schlage MTMSK15 has an impressive suite of features perfect for most business owners. This sleek wall-mounted magnetic stripe reader can be fit on interior or exterior entrances and can easily accommodate mid to large-sized corporations. You can even add an extra layer of security by adding in two-factor identification by requiring a keycard and a 4-digit code for access. You can easily secure even the most sensitive areas with this sleek and durable lock system.

    No matter how big or small your company is, you can easily secure your data and sensitive information with a great lock from GoKeyless. Contact our team of security experts to learn more about what system is perfect for your company today.