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Our professional, knowledgeable team can assist you Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern standard time, and Friday from 8:00am to 5pm Eastern time. It’s easy to reach us — use any of the methods listed below. Online sales and service associates may also be reached outside of regular business hours by email at [email protected], or [email protected].

Toll free: (877) 439-5377
Outside USA: (937) 247-9327
Email: Sales – [email protected] – Support – [email protected]

Questions about an item

GoKeyless™ offers an extensive selection of keyless door locks, anything from single function locks to more advanced systems to accommodate you best. If for any reason you’re “stuck” as to what lock you need for your application, GoKeyless has a team of experts on staff to help you.

Our professionals have worked hand in hand with security officials at government facilities, building managers, and homeowners from around the country – even locksmiths come to us for answers to these products! We can recommend the appropriate keyless lock for you.

Status of an Order

Keeping you “in the loop” is first and foremost at GoKeyless. Upon placing your order, you are sent a payment confirmation and then a sales receipt for your records. Upon shipment of your keyless locks, you are then notified with the tracking number, carrier, and scheduled delivery time.

At anytime you need to know the status of an order, please contact us by email at [email protected], or call us toll free at (877) 439-5377.

Need Help with Installation?

Let us help you find a local installer. We have a large list of installers that we can refer you to.

Once you’ve placed your order, please email us at [email protected] for FREE help from one of our representatives.

*Installer referral availability is subject to geographical location, certain zip codes may not be included within the network.


Programming these locks can be very time consuming. We have a team that is dedicated to accomplishing the task quickly.
And they will train you how to use them too!
Contact us at (877) 439-5377

Additional Info

High Security

  • Preventing trouble before it occurs is one of the best security benefits of keyless locks and access control. Yes these security systems are great for ‘fixing’ a problem, but we’d rather see you avoid one in the first place.
  • When your keys are out of your possession — valet your car, leave your keys on your desk — they can be copied.  This gives someone who would wish you, your family, your children, or your employees harm, the opportunity to do so.  Keyless locks let you take your keys out of your pocket, out of your purse, off your key ring, and out from under your special hiding place.
  • When you need to quickly get in your home or business and lock the door behind you, now you can because you no longer will rummage for, hassle over, or fumble with keys.
  • When you’re in a hurry to leave the house or work, now you have the FREEDOM to do so because you can shut the door behind you knowing all you need is your PIN (mechanical PIN locks, electronic PIN locks), fob/card, or finger to get back in.
  • Hiring a locksmith to change your company’s locks, re-key, issue new keys or install the old-fashioned lock and key arrangement is costly.  Keyless locks eliminate this.
  • Company owners and those in charge of access can now add, change, or delete employees’ credentials right at the lock or via computer.  A number of our locks even let you set time-determined lock and unlock schedules so you don’t have to make your nightly rounds ensuring each door is secured and locked.  Within minutes of having your new keyless lock system you will start reaping the money-saving and security benefits of this superior lock technology.
  • Our product offering includes a number of bump proof locks with no key hole for somebody to “pick” or bump your lock, eliminating the growing worry of key bumping.
  • Concern over the safety of confidential data in the workplace has never been higher. In a 2006 study conducted by VONTU, the loss or theft of removable media such as laptops, PDA’s, detachable USB drives and now the ability to remove data to a small flash device is increasingly becoming a major security problem. The spaces and private offices where sensitive information is at risk are either poorly secured with a keyed lock, or not locked at all. This creates a data-loss and identify fraud risk. Our biometric fingerprint locks and combination keyless locks are a first-line-of-defense preventative solution. Managers, employees, and staff no longer need to worry about leaving doors left open, unlocked, or propped open because of having to track down and keep up with their keys.
  • Families with special needs, such as children who have autism, will find our double-sided mechanical keyless door locks advantageous in keeping their kids “in” and out of harms way. With traditional keyed locks, children with autism can easily find hidden keys, get out of the house, and start to wander.
  • Doors with paneled glass down the sides of the door, or glass within the door can now be secured with our double sided keypad locks. This way if a burglar breaks the glass, they would not be able to open your door. You can even set the inside code to a couple of numbers so you can quickly exit. The outside code can be longer.
  • With so many ways these days for predators to talk with or find our children online, the last thing you need is your kids locked out of the house after school or when coming home from the mall or their friends house when you aren’t home! Order a keyless lock today and sleep better knowing all your child has to do is enter their code or use their finger to quickly get inside. (When considering a fingerprint or biometric fingerprint lock, children’s fingerprint are generally fully developed by age 8-9. The locks will still work with your child’s fingerprint at earlier ages, however you may need to re-enroll them as their prints are developing)
  • Picture for a moment, how many copies of your home or office keys could be floating out there. The people that lived in your house before you, people that you give your keys to who work on your car, ex-employees, keys that were found outside your house under a mat, etc… are all examples of how your keys may have been copied.

Convenient Lifestyle

  • With technology advances, we have become a more productive culture. The drawback is we are increasingly busier and busier. With our keyless door locks and keyless entry systems you can combat this by having ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT each day. You don’t have to remember to take your house or office keys with you anymore – trust us, the next time you get locked out or forget your keys you will wish you had keyless entry. Putting a keyless lock or keyless security system in your home or business pays you back each time you would have been locked out, or had to endure the hassle to replace your lock or make keys.
  • Leaving your office to go down the hall? Need to run out to your car to grab something? Heading off for a walk or jog with the family pet? At GoKeyless we are like you where we understand the value you place on your time. Do you really have time anymore to search high and low for your keys, or yell to your spouse or kids to help you find the key, so you can be on your way. We sure don’t and we are pretty sure you feel the same. Get a new keyless door lock for your home or business and save yourself the future headaches. Just don’t take our word for it though. Since 2003 we’ve shipped over 1 million locks to people around the world. We want you to love your lock and we know from experience that can only happen if it’s a perfect fit for your door and does what you need it to. It’s why we provide the best guarantee in the industry. Don’t wait until you get locked out or lose your keys again.

Whether you’re a seasoned online shopper or if it’s your first time, GoKeyless makes it safe and secure to place your keyless lock order online or by phone. Our site uses the highest commercially available encryption for online orders, and all of your private information is kept confidential and never sold.

Start by finding the item you’re looking for. Either type it in our search box at the top of our site, or click the links on the home page.

Once you’ve located your item, simply click on it to be taken to that product’s details page. At this point you may call your order into us toll free at (877) 439-5377, 1-937-247-9327 (Outside U.S.), or continue online.

To continue online, you will use the drop down pick lists to select things such as your finish, your handing, etcetera (where necessary) and then enter your quantity. Now click the “Buy Now” button to place the item in your shopping cart. Your online shopping cart is just like the cart you use at any grocery outlet.

At this point you can “checkout” by following the steps indicated, or you can continue shopping and adding to your cart.

When you’re ready to pay online for the items you’ve selected, you will need a valid credit card, or you may also use PayPal.


Orders placed Monday – Friday before 3PM EST are typically shipped same-day. Orders placed after that time are shipped the following business day.
We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, and most Federal Holidays.
UPS does not typically deliver on Saturday or Sunday. Although, we can request special Saturday delivery with additional cost. Contact us to request Saturday delivery.


We accept and ship international orders. Some international orders require an extra business day to process.


GoKeyless supports our American military and troops. We will ship to APO & FPO addresses. Options are available at checkout. Feel free to contact us with additional requests.


Once we ship your order we will send you an email with tracking information.


We use UPS as our primary shipping provider but we are also able to ship orders using a variety ways. Have a special request? Call us at (937) 247-9327.


Weather and natural disasters may cause a delay in shipment. Unfortunately, these are all circumstances beyond our control.


United States
Lower 48 U.S. states, UPS Ground – Typically 1-5 days
Hawaii and Alaska, UPS Ground – Typically 5-10 days
Midwest / Eastern States are typically shorter
Mountain Regions / West States are typically longer


We offer UPS ‘3 Day’, ‘2nd Day Air’, ‘1 Day Air’, ‘1 Day Air Early AM’ as well as other expedited international shipping methods. If your address is eligible for these expedited methods the option will be available during checkout.

Payment Options

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
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  • PO’s (Purchase orders)*

*Purchase orders are accepted from Government organizations, institutions, and businesses who qualify.  If you are a business and would like to order using your PO#, please emails us at [email protected], or call us toll free at (877) 439-5377 to register – registration is quick and easy.

Payments are processed using the highest commercially available level of encryption so that you can be assured your critical financial information is safe.

Further, at no time will GoKeyless ever sell or distribute your personal information or payment information.

Sales Tax

State laws require GoKeyless to charge sales tax for items being shipped to Ohio addresses.

Quantity Discounts and Offer Codes

Many of our items when ordered in larger quantities may qualify for discounts. Quantity discounts are automatically applied once you type in the number of items you are ordering.

To redeem an offer code, simply type your code into the Offer Code box while checking out, and then hit continue.

Emails concerning your order

Once you’ve placed your order you will receive several emails about it. First you will receive a payment confirmation from our payment processor, PayPal, that your payment was approved. Second, you will receive your sales receipt from GoKeyless. Finally, once your order has shipped, and the tracking information has been provided by the carrier, Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS, you will receive your tracking number.

Order Status

The fastest and easiest way to check the status of your order is by clicking the Order Status page and submitting your order number.

You may also email us at [email protected], or call Customer Service at (877) 439-5377.

Tracking your Order

Upon placing your order you are notified of your order’s status by email. Tracking numbers are assigned to all orders via the carrier, Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS and may take up to 48 hours after your item has already been shipped to appear in the carrier’s tracking system. This means that although your order is already on its way to you, details about your shipment may not be available for up to 48 hours.

GoKeyless will notify you by email once tracking information is available from the carrier.

Delivery of your Item(s)

The item you order from, and the location you are having it delivered to will determine the various shipping methods you have available to you. This will also determine associated shipping charges.

Generally, items are shipped either UPS or Fed Ex ground. Items being shipped ground to the 48 contiguous U.S. addresses can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days depending on your delivery location. Midwest and East delivery address usually take the shortest time, Mountain and West address a little longer.

Upon receiving your keyless entry item(s) immediately inspect the contents to be sure there is no potential damage that may have occurred during the shipment. This would be extremely rare anyways, but it’s always good to check.

If you have any questions, please call (877) 439-5377.


Once you have clicked “Place Order” we can cancel or change your order prior to shipping. Our process is designed to fill and ship your items with as little delay as possible so we suggest that these requests be made immediately by contacting [email protected] or calling us at 937-247-9327. You may also choose to return/exchange your order by following the instructions of our Official Return/Exchange Procedure.

Two instances where you can cancel would be if an item is back ordered, or if for some reason we were unable to process your payment.

Secure Ordering uses the industry standard protocol for encryption, SSL, or Secure Socket Layer to keep your order information secure.