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  • How to Pick the Right Key Card Entry System?

    Pick the Right Key Card Entry System

    No matter the size of your company, installing an efficient, secure, and dependable door security system is always a top priority. With the majority of employees working from home these days, it’s even more crucial to ensure the security of your brick-and-mortar building against potential outside threats, including break ins, robberies, or damage to equipment.

    If you’re still relying on traditional dead-bolt locks to protect your company assets and client information, it’s time to upgrade to an advanced security system that offers you more protection and control over who enters and exits the building.

    Key card entry systems provide an affordable, flexible solution to securing any commercial space. But with so many options available, how do you know which system is the best fit for your business?

    Before choosing the right key card entry system, here are some important factors to consider:


    Need more flexibility for assigning and removing entry access? Key card entry systems allow you to add, remove, or limit access to your commercial building, as well as the individual rooms within it. For example, you may decide to keep your office and other rooms restricted from employees or only accessible to certain members of your leadership team.

    With a key card entry system, each card is electronically coded to permit or prevent entry, based on your preferences.

    • For more control and flexibility, you’ll want to choose a key card entry system (SCHLAGE AD-200-MT) that sends you real-time audit reports that tell you when someone enters your building. The majority of key card systems provide this advanced feature and other essential information, including
      • Who is the individual?
      • Which rooms did he/she access?
      • How long did the employee stay inside the building?
    • If an employee loses an access card, you’ll want to ensure your key card entry system allows you to instantly remove access (either from your desktop computer or smart device) to ensure that no one (outside of your company) attempts to use the lost card to access your office building.


    Whether your business is located behind a gated parking lot or in an area that is more susceptible to strong winds, heavy snow, and hard rain conditions, you’ll need a door lock system that is water-resistant and heavy duty (TRILOGY NETWORX PDL6100IC) against outside elements to ensure it operates efficiently. This is also true in case of a power outage (RCI 910TC-WRM-WRB). Your key card entry system should also include a back-up feature to prevent outside individuals from accessing your commercial building.


    Key cards look just like credit cards and fit easily inside a wallet, so it’s unlikely your employees will ever be without them. However, this situation does happen, and having a door security system that can adapt to such changes is key! When shopping for the right key card entry system be sure to select one that includes a keycode (SCHLAGE AD-250) or smartphone access (CAL-ROYAL RS2100) feature, as well. Most systems include the option of accessing an entry point with either a card or pin number to allow employees to choose either option to enter the building. And as mentioned before, you can restrict this access electronically or remove it entirely, depending on your preference.

    Other Important Considerations

    Looking to protect more than your company equipment? If you’re away from the office, knowing that all your private documents, employee files, and client paperwork is locked securely inside your cabinet system is a peace of mind you can’t afford to lose. Installing an integrated key card cabinet lock, such as the HES K200,will help monitor who and when someone accesses your metal or wood cabinet filing system. Easy to install, this integrated lock also connects to existing access control systems via hardwired Wiegand communication.

    Is a Key Card System Right for Your Company?

    Need help deciding which key card system can improve your company’s access security? Connect with our team of experts today, so we can discuss your needs, goals, and budget to help you find the right door lock system to keep you and your employees protected, whether you are working from home or in the office.