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  • Are Keyless Locks Affected by Weather Conditions?

    Temperatures may be skyrocketing, but for keyless locks this isn't a problem.

    If we’re being honest, most of us spend very little time thinking about the locks in our life. They’re somewhat of a means to an end, and we often don’t give them a second thought until something goes wrong with them. At that point, it’s all hands on deck, and the importance of maintaining a functional lock all of a sudden becomes much clearer.

    As strange as it may sound, one of the most common culprits for poor lock performance is changing weather conditions. During the summer months, rising temperatures can cause door frames to expand or swell, putting a “squeeze” on deadbolt locks and often causing them to get stuck. When winter rolls around, cold temperatures can cause door frames to contract, which can create a slight misalignment between a door and its corresponding lock. As a result, it can become much more difficult to lock the door with a key, and in extreme cases, it might not be possible to lock or unlock the door at all.

    Switching to keyless locks can minimize these types of problems because you’re dealing with an integrated unit that doesn’t require a key to be inserted in order to work. All you have to do is punch in the access code (which you can customize), and the lock will seamlessly secure or unlock the door with minimal hassle. As far as weather-related performance issues go, there are several keyless locks that are specially built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including:

    Trilogy T2 DL2700WP Digital Commercial Keypad Lock

    This keyless access system is a popular choice for schools, hospitals, offices, retail stores, and airports. With its rugged construction (BHMA Grade 1 security) and ultra-flexible customization options (it can accommodate 100 different users), the Trilogy T2 DL2700WP offers outstanding versatility for all kinds of commercial applications. As far as its weatherproof qualities are concerned, the T2 DL2700WP can stand up to very extreme temperatures (from -31 degrees to 151 degrees Fahrenheit!), and its cylindrical latch boasts a 3-hour UL fire rating.

    Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 Keyless Access Lock

    The Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 is a veritable titan, offering exceptional durability and plenty of useful features including a 100-user capacity, programmable auto-locking and four different authority levels (Master, Manager, User and Service). Not only is the E-Plex bump-proof and pick-proof, but with an outside operating temperature range of between -31 degrees to 151 degrees Fahrenheit, it is more than capable of withstanding the elements. A true die-hard keyless lock, the Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 is the perfect choice for securing banks, schools, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, airports, and basically any other area that requires reliable access along with robust protection.

    The last thing you should have to worry about is a failing lock due to harsh weather conditions. Keep the above weatherproof locks in mind when you’re ready to go keyless!