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  • Keypad, Key Cards or Fingerprint Locks - How to Decide What's Right for Your Business

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    As a business owner, making the decision to “go keyless” is an important step in the right direction, as it will help you shave away many of the inefficient and time-consuming practices that are associated with traditional locks and keys. Once you’ve decided to make the switch to keyless locks, the first question that naturally follows is “Which kind of keyless lock should I choose?” With practicality in mind, below are three major categories of keyless locks, along with the particular benefits of each one, to help you decide which option will be right for your business.

    Keypad Locks

    This is perhaps the most common and popular type of keyless lock on the market. Users simply punch in a predetermined access code into the keypad on the lock, and voila–they’re allowed into the room or building. Keypad locks can either be mechanical–meaning no batteries or electricity required–or electronic, in which case some type of power source (e.g., a 9-volt battery or the building’s electrical system) is required to make the lock work. Mechanical locks are the way to go if you prefer not to deal with batteries or wiring, but one notable drawback to mechanical locks is that they allow for only one user code. This isn’t a deal-breaker if you’re installing the lock in a light-duty space, but if you’re talking about an area that’s going to be accessed by dozens of people on a regular basis, you’ll probably need the ability to create separate user codes for everyone to increase security.

    The Trilogy T2 DL2800 is an excellent example of a robust electronic keypad lock that’s perfect for heavy-duty use in high-traffic areas such as airports, hospitals, schools, retail establishments, pharmacies and large office buildings. With the DL2800, you can create up to 200 user codes, and you have the ability to set timed lock/unlock schedules to control who can come in the building and when. In terms of a versatile keypad lock that can meet many different business needs, you can’t get much better than the Trilogy T2 DL2800.

    Key Card Locks

    Key card locks require you to present some type of card or key fob in order to open the door. Swipe cards can often lose their reliability over time, but by using what’s known as a “proximity card,” you can simply wave the card near the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card reader, and the lock will open. These types of locks are typically used in larger-scale commercial applications where high foot traffic and multiple users are the norm. The Trilogy PDL3000 key card system is a perfect fit for these types of businesses, because it is made for heavy-duty work. With the PDL3000, you can choose to have users gain access by proximity card, by PIN or by a combination of both for the highest level of security.

    Fingerprint Locks

    These locks are not just for spy movies anymore. Locks with biometric reading capability provide some of the most secure authentication on the planet, because after all, nobody else has the same fingerprint that you do. The Anviz Biometric L100-II lock is a fingerprint lock that can be used for the areas of your business that require the highest level of security. It’s vandal-resistant, which means that your prints cannot be lifted from the lock, and its BioNano algorithm is impenetrable, which means that there’s no way for potential hackers to illegally connect to (or communicate with) your lock. If you’re looking for a lock that can secure the most sensitive areas of your business, fingerprint locks such as the Anviz Biometric L100-II are a perfect fit.

    The best way to decide which lock is for you is to take some time to really think about what type of security you need for your business. Once you’ve thoroughly assessed the needs of your business, use the information detailed above to make your final decision.

    Trilogy T2 DL2800 Electronic Lock – Timed Access, Audit Trail

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