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  • Take Your Home Automation Up a Notch with These Products

    Wireless alarm sensor for window and door on white wood

    So you’ve already started the process of converting your home to “smart home” status, and no doubt you’re enjoying some of the conveniences of home automation technology. Why not take it up a notch by adding a few more devices to complement what you already have? Below are three indispensable home automation products that would make great additions to your smart home arsenal.

    1. Indoor Wireless HD Home Automation Camera with Pan-Tilt

    Cameras are a must-have device if you want to secure and monitor your home in the best way possible. With the BeHome247 home automation system security monitoring package, you’ll have wireless high-definition video cameras providing you with a live feed of what’s going on at your home, and you can also review recorded footage from an earlier date if need be. With a 300-degree pan and a 120-degree tilt, it’s hard for these cameras to miss anything. In addition, each BeHome247 account is given a generous 1GB of video storage, allowing you to store up to 60 full hours of HD video, or 120 hours of standard definition footage.

    2. FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Sensor & Freeze Alarm

    If there’s one problem that you never want to experience, it would be water damage to your home; just ask anyone who has ever had to deal with a busted pipe or a flooded basement. Not only is it a complete nuisance to clean up, but it can actually turn dangerous if mold begins to develop in damp areas of the house. Many times major water problems can start off as tiny leaks that are nearly undetectable; the important thing is to catch these small leaks before they turn into huge problems.

    You can place a FortrezZ water sensor in any areas that are prone to leaks (or overflows) such as under the bathroom sink, behind the toilet tank, beside the bathtub, near the water heater, etc. If a pipe happens to leak or burst, the FortrezZ will send you a text or email alert to let you know when something’s out of whack. This will give you peace of mind, and potentially help you to avoid a large-scale mess.

    3. Z-Wave Multi-Function Sensor

    Talk about convenience and versatility! This 4-in-1 sensor will help you keep track of motion around doors and windows, as well as check ambient light levels or changes in temperature. When you mount this sensor on a door or window, it will immediately alert you via text or email any time a window or door is opened. The temperature sensor also helps you to remotely control your A/C or heating system by providing you with vital temperature information. In addition, the ambient light sensor can be used to automatically turn on room lights in the evening.

    The great thing about these smart home products is that they can be seamlessly integrated into the BeHome247 home automation system. Using the BeHome247 online portal, you can monitor the status of all your devices, and adjust their settings as you see fit. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your convenience to the next level by adding these smart home products to your lineup!

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