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  • The Connected Office: Use BeHome247 for Remote Monitoring and Access Control at Work

    The Connected Office: Use BeHome247 for Remote Monitoring and Access Control at Work

    BeHome247 has earned a stellar reputation for their cutting-edge home automation technology, but did you know that you can use their smart home products for your business as well? Installing a BeHome247 gateway in your office will allow you to control important security devices such as door locks, cameras, motion sensors, etc., enabling you to increase the safety and operational efficiency of your workplace.

    Remote Monitoring

    Video surveillance is a must-have for modern businesses, as workplace theft is continuing to increase. According to a recent study published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 75 percent of employees have stolen at least once from their employer. Without a video surveillance system in place as part of an overall system of internal controls, your business may suffer from employee theft without your knowledge. In addition, video surveillance cameras installed inside and outside of the premises can capture images of criminals who might attempt to break in or vandalize company property. This video footage can assist the police in their investigation, and it can help business owners pinpoint any potential access points that may be easy targets for criminals.

    The BeHome247 Remote Security Monitoring Package includes indoor and outdoor wireless security cameras that allow you to stream live video footage in high definition. You can use the BeHome247 online interface to pan, tilt or zoom your cameras as needed, all from your smartphone or tablet device. Each account is given a generous 1GB of video storage, enabling you to archive up to 60 hours of high-definition video footage (120 hours for standard definition), so that you can play back recordings from earlier dates and times as needed.

    Access Control

    Access control is one of the most critical security issues that businesses face, and keyless locks are an excellent choice to consider when determining how to best secure the sensitive areas of your premises. Not only do keyless locks provide a welcome relief from the arduous task of assigning, distributing and keeping up with keys, but they also alleviate the possibility of important keys falling into the wrong hands. Keyless locks are the best fit for businesses that require tight access control capabilities, as they can be programmed to only allow access to certain areas within predetermined time frames.

    The Yale Real Living YRD210 keyless lock offers you the ability to program lock/unlock schedules, which will help you to establish solid access control parameters that can fit your specific operational times and staffing needs. You can manage these schedules from your computer or any other smart device. If you need to grant access to certain areas to only a handful of specific employees, you can create individual user codes for each employee in order to keep a tight rein on the foot traffic in and out of sensitive areas. Yale Real Living locks paired with BeHome247 also allow an audit trail function that will show you the date and time of every successful and unsuccessful entry attempt. With all of these features, the Yale Real Living locks will help keep your organization operating at a high level of efficiency and security. The Yale Real Living lock is a also available in a lever model called the Yale Real Living YRL210. This will give you the ability to retrofit locks on a variety of doors.

    Intrusion Prevention

    Utilizing the BeHome247 interface, your connected office can also play a role in burglary prevention. You can install Linear Z-Wave door/window contact sensors on all of the key entry points of your business, so that you can be alerted instantly via email or text if any breaches occur. If an intruder attempts to gain unauthorized access to your business, you can configure a FortrezZ Wireless Siren/Strobe to sound an ear-piercing alarm and flash a lightning strobe in order to scare them away. Both of these devices can be enrolled into your BeHome247 system, and you can arm or disarm them directly from your smartphone or tablet device using your BeHome247 online dashboard.

    The Connected Office

    The BeHome247 system can turn your workplace into a connected office, offering you a greater level of security and control than what you can achieve using somewhat fragmented traditional methods. You can address all of your security monitoring and access control needs from any WiFi-enabled device, offering you unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Having an integrated control system for all of your workplace security devices makes BeHome247 the obvious choice for business owners who desire a greater level of organizational efficiency and safety.

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