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  • The Costs Of A Data Breach

    The Costs Of A Data Breach

    The past few decades have brought in some of the most drastic and sweeping changes that we have seen as a society. Everything from the mass implementation of the World Wide Web in the early 90’s to the advent of the internet of things in the 2000s has made all of our technology smarter, faster, and more accessible. This accessibility has made it much easier to transfer massive quantities of data from location to location. Within a corporation, this data is usually moved from individual computers or terminals to a secure server. For hackers, on the other hand, this data can look like an all you can eat buffet, especially if this data is poorly secured. If you want to learn more about how you can secure your data and protect your company from expensive and damaging data breaches, contact the elite security team here at GoKeyless. Our expert staff will help you find the perfect security solutions to keep your company safe from interior and exterior threats.

    The Average Costs Of A Data Breach

    2019 was a year of unprecedented data breaches and data mining. According to Forbes, the average cost of a data breach for a company is $8.19 million, with the cost per breached record sitting at $242. These costs have continued to rise year over year, mostly due to the fact that companies are gathering and holding more and more personal data on their users. In a perfect world, this data is held with the intention to give users a more personalized, protected, and tailored experience. Hackers hunt for weaknesses in the security systems and firewalls of companies to take this information and personal data and parse it out, selling each user’s data for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This data can then be used to open new accounts, make digital purchases online, and if it is detailed enough, even be used for full identity theft.

    Some of the largest data breaches of 2019 included some massive leaks. Orvibo, a company that offers smart home products and solutions, was breached for over a million individual users and 2 billion records. This breach included data like email addresses, passwords, precise geolocations, scheduling information, IP address, and much more. The biggest data breach of 2019 happened in October when over 4 billion records from 1.2 billion unique users were leaked from an unsecured server. This server contained social media profiles for both LinkedIn and Facebook and contained names, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profile data. The sheer volume of data made this one of the biggest breaches of all time.

    The Importance Of Access Control

    The #1 cause of data breaches is a lack of security surrounding sensitive areas in companies. The best way to protect your company’s sensitive data is by controlling who has access and clearance to enter these sensitive areas. If you are looking for a comprehensive security solution to easily secure your data and monitor exactly who has access to these spaces, the Strattec Advanced Logic RTS-Z is perfect for you. This lock can be accessed using a code, a traditional key, or a biometric fingerprint scan. You also get the MS1 software, a $400 value included with this lock, which allows you to capture and review audit trail history as well as schedule and manage access remotely.

    If you want to secure your business and your data from potentially dangerous data breaches, let our expert team help you. Our security specialists will help you find the perfect solution for your unique security needs.