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  • The Three Biggest Security Flaws In Homes And Apartments

    The Three Biggest Security Flaws In Homes And Apartments

    There are few things in life more upsetting than having someone invade the privacy of your home. Having your personal belongings stolen can be immensely jarring, but things like photos and memory books are truly precious and are impossible to replaceable. The best way to combat possible thieves and home invaders is to have a comprehensive home security system that focuses on your home’s main points of entry. For the most part, the moment a potential thief becomes aware of the fact that he or she is being taped or that there is a security system in place, they are quickly dissuaded and move off. So how can you make it clear to potential home invaders that your house is too tough of a job? Here are three tips for keeping your home safe from thieves.

    Front Entrance

    Your front entrance is by far your biggest security risk. Foot traffic comes and goes through your front entrance every day, and if you are in a busier section of your neighborhood or city, it is not unusual on any given day to have a few random solicitors stop by. Many home invaders pose as solicitors initially so that they can scope out the front of your home to see if anyone is home or if there are any security systems in place. One of the best ways to dissuade these potential invaders is by using a doorbell camera like the August Doorbell Cam Pro. This camera is motion activated with a built-in speaker so that you can remotely respond to anyone at your door from the comfort of your phone. Since this camera is motion activated, the doorbell does not have to be touched for this camera to record any activity it sees. The advent of online shopping from sites like Amazon has created a completely new security issue: package thieves. The August Doorbell Cam Pro lets you record these package thieves so that you can quickly put a stop to any unfortunate package losses.

    Back Entrance

    Unlike your front door, if a potential intruder is coming to the back entrance of your home or apartment, they are much more likely to try to use force. The best way to combat home invaders coming through your backyard is by securing your doors in the back with a great smart lock system. If you have a traditional wood door to your backyard, the Yale Assure YRD216 is a sleek and easy to use system that allows you to easily access your home while providing extreme security from intruders. For people with sliding doors leading to their backyard, security is even more important. Home intruders generally think of sliding doors as easier points of entry. You can easily secure your sliding doors with the Lockey 2500 keyless sliding door lock. This lock offers keypad entry, traditional lock and key access, and is completely weatherproof to keep your door secure for years to come. You can easily further secure any sliding doors with a Master Lock No.265 Security Bar. This sleek and simple system functions as a modern update to simple door blocking systems. This system adds another dimension to your home security without any risk of internal damage to your sliding doors.

    Faulty Security Equipment

    One of the biggest security risks is when you think that your home is completely secure only to discover that your security equipment is no longer working. Older security systems that run on batteries might not give you a low battery warning or even let you know if there has been an electronic malfunction. Make sure that you check your security systems and your smart home systems once every few months to make sure that your home is still safe and secure.

    You can easily secure your home and keep your memories and family safe with the great security and smart lock technology offered right here at GoKeyless. Our expert staff will happily help you get the perfect product for your space to keep your home safe and secure.