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  • Three Ways To Boost School Security & Safety

    Going to school

    As schools slowly reopen this fall, we are seeing some of the strangest effects of COVID-19 in action. From social isolation and low-lying fears to full paranoia and phobias of germs, schools are seeing extremely difficult hurdles. Even when taking all of these precautions, there is no guarantee that we can safeguard our children from outbreaks. As teachers, parents, and professionals, we owe it to our children to give them some semblance of normalcy in these strange times. That normalcy begins with the reopening and continued progress of our school system. We know that investing in security and safety can be tough for schools already on a shoestring budget, but these steps are extremely important to the success and longevity of school openings. If you have questions or want to learn more about how you can protect your school and your students, contact our locks experts at 877-439-5377.

    Touchless Entry Kit by SDC

    The first line of defense in any school is the front door. Your front door can easily be a deterrent for criminals, can help stop tragedies, or could be the main source of an infection across your entire school. If you are still using an old manual door kit, every single person who enters your school will be touching, handling, and interacting with the same door space. This door will essentially become a breeding ground for bacteria, including the particles left behind from individuals infected with COVID-19. In order to keep our schools and hospitals safe and secure through the pandemic, we partnered with SDC to create the Touchless Entry Kit by SDC. This hands-free access point allows you to utilize the same security that you have always had for your school while also giving your students and staff the ability to easily and safely access your space.

    Best Shelter 9KX

    The pandemic is not the only threat to students while they are at school. The unfortunate reality is that school shootings, bomb scares, and other threats are still a very real threat for schools in America. One of the best ways to protect against these external threats is to build a security system that can be locked down with the touch of a button. The Best Shelter 9KX allows you to easily lock down every classroom in your entire school with just one button, which can easily help you save dozens of students and teachers during a security breach. You can even lock and unlock the entire system remotely from a key fob.

    Trilogy Networx DL1300NW

    If you are looking for a slim lock to fit on even the smallest of spaces while also offering remote lockdown capabilities, the Trilogy Networx DL1300NW is perfect for you. This slim lock is deceptively functional and offers a huge variety of durability, security, and safety options in a small and compact package. With code access, lock and key access, and easy 10-second remote lockdown, this slim lock offers a wide variety of security solutions in a very unassuming package.

    No matter what security needs your school has, our team can help you get ready for anything this coming year can throw at you. Contact us today to find the perfect security solutions for your space.