Tech Support for Alarm Lock Trilogy Products*

*Basic email support only. Additional support time available for a fee.

You are not comparing apples to apples when shopping for Trilogy locks online.

GoKeyless is a full service company and backs up its sales support with product and technical support.

What good is the lock to you when you have to spend countless hours trying to find the answer to something when you could have just contacted the experts.

We are making you aware of this because of calls from people just like you who have purchased Trilogy locks from a different company, only to have that same company tell them for technical support, they should call GoKeyless.

We have a sense of humor and appreciate being thought of this way, however we can only offer FREE email technical help when you purchase through us.

“We are going to buy it from your company because the tech support is so great.” 
Nick Null with the HER Group

“Thanks so much for your support getting my system up and running today. I applaud you and your team for providing a great product backed by world class support.” 
Rick Smith with Maximum Fitness Corp.

“Thanks for all your help and dedication. Locks working well and you were very caring.” 
Valerie with Timko Main Street, LLC

Our goal is that you get the absolute most out of your new advanced electronic locking system, so you can more profitably operate your business, provide top-level protection for your employees and company assets, and so you will want to tell your friends and colleagues about us.

In addition to answering technical questions for you — troubleshooting only, does not include training, or programming — our agents are also available for paid training on importing your users, communicating with the lock, establishing your mission critical access schedules, navigating the software, and utilizing all of the features and functions of your new access control system.

The manufacturer, Alarm Lock, does not provide technical support. You must go through a trained dealer.

Our virtual support fees start at $100/hour or can be purchased as an annual tiered package.

Technical Support Hours:  M-F 9am-5pm EST